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Sales and Water Conditioners In Newport Beach CA

We’ve got a lot happening right now at Pure Elements Water in Newport Beach CA.

First of all we have a SALE going on during this virus crisis. 

25% OFF Right Now on All Whole House Water Filters and Purified Drinking Water Systems. 

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Since everyone is stuck at home, many clients are taking advantage of the down time and getting their systems installed.  Some have put it off for a while but now it feels good to take care of this essential task and cross it off the “to do” list.

Also, lots of folks living in Orange County are finally dealing with their pinhole leak problems by looking at the options.  Pure Elements Water provides the option of changing the water chemistry so pinhole leaks will not form again.  The solution is simpler than anyone imagined.  Just remove the contaminants like Chloramine and the pinholes don’t form.  You will still need to fix the leak this time but now you don’t need to repipe the house with copper, or PEX or use epoxy pipe lining.  We have a great track record showing no pinhole leaks formed by Chloramines again.  And there is a guarantee!

You will notice from the picture above how clean the outlet pipe is.  That is what our systems do because of the catalytic conditioner and special media used in the tanks.  The system cuts down the calcium deposits and keeps hard-water scale from forming.  This in turn stops the pinhole leaks from happening again.

What is a catalytic converter (conditioner) and how does it work in comparison to a softener?

A catalytic Conditioner permanently alters the state of the calcium carbonate (the primary hard water component), greatly reducing its ability to form hard water scale. This is accomplished without the addition of salt or foreign chemicals, does not create slimy water, and is a more healthful and environmentally sound approach. Learn a little more here: http://pureelementswater.net/water-conditioner/. Or just call us!

Good video about water softeners vs water conditioners:  https://youtu.be/YP1kdNi6HoA

The Salt Free Water Softener Myth.

Our fabulous G-Site:  https://pure-elements-water-orange-county-ca.business.site


Proof Water Conditioning Works Wonderfully

Want to see proof of performance of our Salt-Free Water Conditioning?

Check these photos, taken during routine maintenance of systems in Dana Point, Newport Coast and San Clemente.

Water conditioning works extremely well and uses no salt like water softeners do.

The inlet (raw tap water) to the system is heavily caked in calcium deposits, and the outlet (treated) line is clean and scale-free.

This also helps prevent pinhole leaks in copper pipes. Check out these lab tests, which use water conditioning as part of the process to clean pinhole leaks from coming back. http://pureelementswater.net/independent-lab-testing/

Now’s the time – 25% off all systems. www.pureelementswater.com 949.259.2559

How To Clean a Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

This is good information to know when it comes to come maintenance on a water conditioner.  Watch the whole “how to” video below.

We’re going to show you now, how to clean the core in one of our exterior catalytic water conditioners.  (Water conditioners help solve hard water issues without the use of salt like a regular water softener would use.)

First, you need to break the seal on the unions so that you can remove the core. This will require a pipe wrench and a pair of Channel locks

It is best to disconnect the unit at both ends with both unions, so you can easily slide the core out for cleaning.

The core will slide out of the body with the serial number end at the top. . .

The second step in this process is to clean the catalytic water conditioning core. This is best done with a mixture of muriatic acid to water. So, we fill our bucket up with about four gallons of water, and we add one half a gallon of muriatic acid to the water to clean our core. Obviously, be very careful in handling muriatic acid. Be sure to wear eye protection and follow all the instructions on the bottle.

Water Conditioner Core Maintenance

Next, we are going to dip our catalytic conditioning core into the muriatic acid and water solution. Again, pay attention to the warning labels on the muriatic acid and follow all the instructions. With the core in the murky water and the muriatic acid mixture, we found that it’s best to leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes for a proper cleaning.

As you can see it.

After soaking in the muriatic acid and water for about five minutes, you’ll notice the core returns to its natural color of grey. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your core with clean water prior to re-insertion.

This core is now clean and ready to be re-assembled into the conditioner.

Also, be sure to dispose of your muriatic acid and water solution properly with regard to codes in your own area.

Before reassembling the catalytic conditioner into the copper body, be sure to use Teflon tape amply on the threads for a complete seal.

Make sure when you put your Teflon tape in place, that you cover the entire lip to create a proper seal and for ease of re-installation.

Take note that the serialized end is the inlet. Refer to the sticker on the body for the proper flow direction.

Once the conditioner is back in the place, the tank can be reconnected to the system and bought online.