About Us

Healthy Water visionary Rick Allen, President/CEO of Pure Elements Water, has a stellar reputation for helping clients avoid potentially harmful chemicals in water for consumption, bathing and other human needs.  He has been a renowned leader in the water treatment industry for more than 35 years.

Persistent in working to reduce the reliance on plastic bottles and eliminates salt-based technologies (therefore helping the environment), Rick has become recognized as an expert in seeking levels of water quality that can provide increased longevity for our population and our planet.

Rick Allen - Pure Elements Inc
Rick Allen – President/CEO of Pure Elements Water

Because of an epidemic level of pinhole leaks in copper piping in Southern California, Rick has involved leading engineers and designed systems that address at least two of the culprits, Chloramines and Calcium Carbonate “Pimples”.  He has achieved great success – No home in which a Pure Elements Water’s Chloramine System has been installed in the last five years has reported a further pinhole leak.

In addition, Rick is accepted as one of the leading national authorities on removing fluoride on a whole house basis, a challenging endeavor.  He is continually proving his success and making enhancements to his systems based on in-home test monitoring sites for real household results.

Prior to starting Pure Elements Water, Rick founded and sold Advanced Water Treatment, Inc. and Water By Design, Inc.  Rick pioneered the first “Options” programs in 1982, ultimately implemented by more than 100 leading production homebuilders to feature or offer specialty water systems as upgrades in new homes. In 2014, Rick is being called back in by the major builders to develop the next round of options programs focused on today’s water quality issues.

RD Allen has designed numerous custom systems to provide enhanced quality of life in cottages, exclusive estate homes and compounds throughout the United States. He is recognized for his elaborate and innovative home and total property systems, featuring technologies from basic to extremely advanced and at times garnering price tags well over $100,000.

Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution whole house water filtration and conditioning systems aid people in their quest for better health.  These specialized systems are recommended by today’s leading healthcare providers for their effective reduction harmful chemicals including fluoride, chromium 6 and arsenic.  They also address hard water issues without the use of salt or chemicals, helping to protect our environment.   These Systems are marketed under the CrystalClear Home brand in the Coachella Valley, through wholly owned subsidiary CrystalClear Water.

Many leading plumbers offer Pure Elements Water’s HealthyHome Solution (especially when required to protect tankless water heaters).  Unlike other systems, the HealthyHome Solution Total Property System filters and conditions water for use inside the home and also benefits pools, spas, water features and landscaping.

Rick can be reached at (949) 644-1800 or by email to rick@pureelementswater.com