What satisfied customers are saying about the HealthyHome Solution Water Filtering Systems by Pure Elements Water…

“We installed a filtration system with Pure Elements Water. Rick Allen knows all the chemicals in each water district from Newport to San Clemente. H knows exactly how much water is shipped in and where it came from. I am in Irvine. I have a purification dispenser at my kitchen sink to remove fluoride. After only one month, my husband and I feel much better! I am autoimmune and fatigue, brain fog, and focus have all improved drastically.”
Janis P., Turtle Rock, Irvine, California

“I have been a customer of Pure Elements Water Conditioner for almost 3 years. Over that time I have been very pleased with the total whole house water conditioner system. I am able to drink the water from
any faucet in my house. The system keeps in the good healthy minerals and gets rid of the minerals that are not good for us to drink. The water tastes great. You only have to change the filter in the tank every 3 years. Very convenient. This is a total salt free system. No lugging 25, 40, or 50 pound bags of salt.Any questions one may have are addressed immediately by the owner, Rick. They have a very good customer service team.I would highly recommend this product to anyone. “
B.B., Peoria, Arizona

“We got Pure Elements Water filtration to prevent copper pipe leaks. We have been on it for about 5 years with no leaks (we had 3 leaks prior!). An additional upside is the water tastes fantastic, plus it removes toxins.”
Dave L., Newport Beach, California 92660

“Hi Rick. I just wanted to let you know that Nick was wonderful. He was very punctual, communicative, and personable. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have such a wonderful customer service experience! Thank you and please pass my thanks on to Nick!”
Erin A., Los Angeles, California

“Good morning Rick – Just to let you know: Nick did a great job installing the water filter, especially in that corner of the garage you suggested. He re-did the pipes beautifully. So far, so good. We are noticing a huge difference in our water purity and quality and loving it!  It’s enhancing our lives enormously.  Thank-you very much.”
Dawn A., Newport Coast CA 92657 – Coastal Canyon Community

“I am loving the water filtration system. Installer was super nice and efficient. I am very happy! Thank you.”
Diane, Dana Point, California 92629

“Love the water system!  One surprise is how soft my Golden Retriever’s fur is after her bath!  The clothes seem softer too.”
Jodi, Newport Beach, California 92660

“Rick – I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help this morning with my question about PSI and Flow rate on my home. You were spot on. I had CV Water District come out this afternoon and they measured the PSI at 72 and the GPM at 38.1 at the meter. Problem solved and you were confident that your staff had made those exact connections when they installed my system back in April 2008. Wow……..

I do appreciate your help and also am thankful that you follow the service schedule on my system to make sure that it continues to provide excellent water.  Thank you again.”
Greg K., Palm Desert, California

“I just wanted to let you know so far so good.  Your installer did a very professional job, neat and clean.  The water tastes great and honestly, I think it tastes better than Arrowhead.  As you know I was very skeptical and now I might be your best customer!  Thanks for exceeding my expectations.”
Dave G., Corona del Mar, California 92625

“We’ve enjoyed the Pure Elements Water system for over a year now. We love how care and maintenance-free it is! It automatically back washes itself regularly so we don’t need the costly quarterly or semi-annual filter changes or service calls that some of our neighbors, with other brands, have to put up with. And the water taste and quality are excellent! We’re very satisfied!”
Gary N., Palm Springs, California

“We have totally agreed that any future home we have MUST have the same type of system. It’s just that good.”
Bob H., Carlsbad, California 92008

“Rick is a consummate professional and delivered a great product as promised! We would highly recommend contacting him for an evaluation.”
J.O., Costa Mesa, California 92626

“I purchased a whole-home filtration system from Pure Elements Water and couldn’t be happier. Even though I live a distance away in L.A. County, I have been amazed at the follow-up and responsiveness I have received from Rick Allen. He is passionate about his product and demonstrates that with excellent customer service.”
Robert S., Los Angeles, California 90024

“I just wanted to thank you for the water system. I am pleased with the system at all levels.The taste of the water, the feel of the water in the shower and the fact that the system is so simple with little maintenance. Thank-you for your assistance and help in selecting the right one.”
Marty C., Newport Beach, California 92661

“Your installer did a very professional job, neat and clean.”
Dave, Corona del Mar, California 92625

“I purchased one of your systems back in October 2011.  It is working great and has made a HUGE difference in our water quality.  We had a slight sulfur smell and iron stains prior to installing the system.  Since installing those problems have gone away.  I installed the unit myself – shark bite fittings are a blessing!  I found out the hard way on the back flush feature and sprayed water everywhere, but that was the only real setback on install – no one was there to share in my embarrassment, but it would have been funny to record. Very pleased with the results. Thanks for all of your help.”
Ted M., Durango, Colorado 81301

“We love our system we got from you over 9 years ago.  We will never have another home without it!  Worth every penny.”
Anne H., Newport Beach, California 92662

“The results, both by taste and by test, are all that we had hoped for.  Healthy, pure water with great taste.”
Albert R., Los Angeles, California 90077

“When I started my search for a water filter I had two major issues to address. One was that we had moved into a newly constructed home and the water tasted horrible. I had a new refrigerator with a filter. I thought the filter must have been bad so we replaced it multiple times with no luck in getting the water to taste normal. The water also made our new shower glass look 10 years old.

The second issue was cancer. Sadly, we have family members that are suffering from cancer and I found so much information about the cancer causing chemicals in drinking water. This was more than enough to get me on track to find a water filtration system for our home.

After much research and comparisons, I chose Pure Elements Water and I couldn’t be happier! Rick was very informative and so helpful answering all of my questions. He was also there for us every step of the way for the installation. Now our water tastes wonderful and clean!  Thank you!
Angie S., Rancho Cordova, CA 95655

“Your product is absolutely amazing. My parents who normally complain about how dry their skins feels after showering are amazed by how wonderful they feel after taking showers now. The quality of the water is the best that we have had in our lives. I talk to all of my friends of how much the flow of the water and the quality of the water has improved our lives. We are no longer drinking water with sediments contained in them. I know I feel healthier and I am certainly drinking the highest level of water in New York State. A really great product and the benefits are just starting.”
Barry P., New York, New York 10065

“I want to thank especially the collaboration that your company gave me to solve the problem with the handling of the valves that control the purification system we use for our ice maker. At Internet is easy to find many contacts but I put several mails to 6 companies and the only one who responded was PURE ELEMENTS WATER I can now work without troubles because despite the distance, I found a good friend who helps me solve my problems here in Colombia (South America). Thanks again for your collaboration.”
Juan Jaramillo, POLLOSGAR

“It is extremely reassuring to know that the water my children drink and bathe in is far beyond any governmental standard of quality.”
Michael K., Los Angeles, California 90039

“I decided to take a chance and contracted for the system to be installed.  It is truly fantastic!  Almost overnight I noticed a radical change.”
Jacqueline W., Palm Desert, California 92210

“The chlorine smell is gone, the water no longer tastes bad, and we feel much better after bathing (especially our hair). All of this without the salt and slimy feeling of a water softener!”
James D., Newport Beach, California 92660

“As a retired plumber I was skeptical. Since installing the system, all the tile floors, granite counter tops and shower enclosures are much easier to keep spot free.”
Joe D., Palm Springs, California 92262

“The system is providing all the benefits you had promised, and more. We have noticed dramatic improvements in our household water, and in the way our hair and skin feels when we get out of the shower.”
Richard B., Newport Beach, California 92663

“We purchased our Pure Flow water filter in October of 2014. I cannot believe the difference in the quality of the water in our home. There is so much less, to no hard water build up to wear out our faucets and dishwasher any more! Sometimes I wonder if the filter is actually doing anything. Well recently we turned it off because it was running during the day and I thought something was wrong with it. It took me a couple days to call Rick and I literally could not believe the hardness, and grossness of our water!! I called Rick and he responded within a few hours. It was a super simple fix to get our water filter back on track. Rick was so great to walk me through how to get my “good” water back. Absolutely great product and customer service. Thanks again Rick! Your loyal and happy customer.”
Terry W., Orange County, California 92660

“I highly recommend Rick Allen as very knowledgeable resource about all aspects of domestic household water. We recently had a whole house water treatment system installed by Pure Elements Water. Rick was very attentive during the whole process especially after the installation was complete. He helped us with minor issues with our dishwasher with great follow up and easy access to find solutions quickly.”
Kurt P., Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274

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