Anaheim Hills water filtering systems

Anaheim Hills House Water Filters Offer Exceptional Protection

Are you looking to buy a hard water and contaminant removal filtration system?  Our Anaheim Hills water filter is just the item you need.  This Pure Elements Water product, the chloramines, pharmaceuticals, and organic toxins, it treats hard water problems using a unique salt free water conditioning product. This water conditioner has been successfully solving hard water issues for 30 plus years now.

It is a proprietary device that only Pure Elements Water customers can get.  It is the answer to an alternative to traditional water softeners and has the distinct advantage of being environmentally safe for the oceans, landscape and people.  No salt is expelled when our conditioner is in use so the drained water is safe for all uses.  Many clients use it to water their yards and report to experience excellent plant growth since all chemicals have been removed as well.  Plus, you do not get the slimed or slippery feeling experienced with regular water softeners that many people do not like.  Also, unlike a home with a water softening unit, all faucets deliver salt free drinking water that is healthy to drink.  So this house filter will rid your water of contaminants, solve your hard water problems, be eco-friendly and deliver great tasting water from all faucets.

In addition and of special importance to many Anaheim Hills and Orange County residents, this filtration system will help protect your expensive copper plumbing from experiencing pinhole leaks.  Pinhole leaks have become a problem for many people living in the area.  The high level of chloramines will start eroding your new pipes.  Contact us for more details.

An essential feature of this home water filtration system is that it works automatically to backwash itself.  This is extremely important and we advise everyone to purchase only filters that accommodate this feature.  The reason you must have this feature is because filters without it often experience stagnant water in the tank as well as they suffer from “media channeling.”   Stagnant water can cause a whole series of organic problems and sour water.  Media channeling is bad because it means the filter is rendered ineffective.  The media stop working at an acceptable rate and the filter becomes meaningless.  So it is imperative to get a water treatment in Anaheim Hills that automatically backwashes itself and shifts the media around inside.  This will expose new surfaces of the media to work on the water contaminants.  And another big benefit to this system is it prevents much of the maintenance cost.  Our filter needs maintenance once every 7 to 10 years, depending on the number of gallons run through it.  This is a huge savings over countertop, under the sink and the canister filter, which commonly demand filter replacement every 6 months to a year.  And that replacement is for every fixture you have a filter mounted.  Our product takes care of all problems on a whole house basis. It is less work and no headache.

A valuable Pure Elements Water secret has to do with the media we use.  Some of the media is proprietary in nature.  No one else has access to it or very few can get it.  But we layer this media with some common media in a precise order to expand its effectiveness.  Our engineers discovered that by placing the media in just the right order and in combination with each other, it caused the capacity of each media type to increase beyond normal.  It is surprising how much more effective each layer becomes and enables the filter to operate at a higher rate of efficiency than our competitors.  None of our competitors that we know of use this method.  Either it is too expensive, time consuming for them to do or they do not know about it.  However, it is key for us and our customers who benefit from it.

Proper media order is just one of the Pure Elements Water trade secrets acquired by having over 30 years of experience in the water filtration business.  It is one more reason why we have a superior item. We have taken the time from a design viewpoint to ensure that our whole house water filtration product delivers the highest quality filtered water on the market.

Last updated: September 4, 2020 at 15:00 pm