See what’s in YOUR Water …

How bad is your tap water?  Ever wonder about that?  How many pollutants and contaminants are found in your home water supply that you are consuming or being exposed to?

Here is a great place to find out.  The has all sorts of resources to check on but the feature we think it super important is locating our state and city’s water supply statistics. describes bad tap water

Follow the link and plug in either your zip code or your state.  Find your water supply and be prepared to be horrified.

Scroll down and look at the numbers of all the contaminants found in your water and their possible effects on your health. 

What to keep in mind:

Legal limits does not mean the water is safe because legal limits have NOT BEEN UPDATED IN 20 YEARS!

And this is why filtering your water is more critical than ever.  There is a lot of bad stuff in our water.