Bayshores Water Filtration System Serves Up New Technology

Many times a client will want their existing or new home retrofitted with the newest Pure Elements’ water filtering technology.  This is a common service that we provide for new and existing (or continuing) clients.

The system seen here was installed for a happy client that has relied on Pure Elements for quality water for many years.  They recently moved from their Castaways neighborhood home to an exclusive private community in Newport Beach known as Bayshores.

The large custom home was retrofitted with system that matches the 1.5 inch piping.  This HealthyHome Solution system is now providing completely automatic whole house filtration and salt free water conditioning. This system was designed specifically to handle the client’s high flow plumbing and flow rates.  (Call us for more information on high flow filters and flow rates.  Pure Elements custom designs whole house water filter systems to meet any flow rate or application.)

 Because this home has limited landscape and no pool or water features, the filtration and conditioning system installed is focused in the interior domestic water.  Now clean clear chlorine free filtered water is going to the bath and  faucets.

Note:  Pure Elements offers water filter conversions as well as retrofits.  In most cases, we can reuse your old water filter or water softener (any brand) and upgrade it with the latest technologies.  This is a great way to achieve excellent quality water at an affordable price.

 We also offer fluoride filtering options for clients that have learned about the health concerns of fluoride and would like this chemical removed or significantly reduced from their water.

Call us or email us today for estimates or for answers to any questions about your water quality and solutions.

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