Best House Water Filtration System – 6 Goals It Achieves for Better Health

Hi I’m Rick Allen and I own Pure Elements Water in Newport Beach. We have been providing custom whole house water filtration and salt free water conditioning systems for over four decades.

These are the important highlights of what a Pure Elements Water filtration system will do for you.

 I wanted to take a brief moment and list the six goals that we have with our systems.

First, we want to provide chemical free bathing and showering. That is the single greatest and most important thing for health in your home because the carcinogenic chemicals are largely gaseous. So they’re in the steam. We take them in through our pores and in directly through our lungs.

Drinking water from every faucet. We are going to provide water that has the chemicals removed, heavy metals addressed. It’s got the natural mineral content left in place including the calcium. And it is slightly alkaline in ph.

Prevent pin hole leaks Newport Coast CA. A drinking water filter system installed in Newport Coast CA

Third is dealing with hard water issues. We’re going to address those without the use of a softener and without any salt in an environmentally sound approach. That means no slippery feeling or no slimy aspects. None of that, “I can’t get the shampoo out of my hair,” or any of those things.

The fourth thing is very important if you have copper pipes. We are going to prevent pinhole leaks going forward. Regardless of how many leaks you may have had in the past, we can do this without a requirement for you to re-pipe the house or to use epoxy linings. And at a savings of thousands of dollars.

The fifth thing is if you have a swimming pool or a spa we’re going to protect the equipment the heater the pumps we’re going to protect the salt cell. And we’re going to reduce staining at the water line and at the water features. We’ll create for you better water that’s easier for your pool person to maintain.

And last but not least, we’re going to benefit your irrigation by allowing your plant life to thrive with less water and less fertilizer while we protect the entire infrastructure of the irrigation system from hard water issues.

We would really appreciate the opportunity to design a system for you. We are connected to healthcare and longevity people as well as to the building trades. We can be reached at area (949) 644 1800 or online . Thank you very much for listening.

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