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Water Conditioner – Proprietary Catalytic Converter – Check This Out

Water conditioning systems are different then salt-based water softeners.  They use a different technology which in involves the use of a catalytic converter.  They do not use salt as traditional softeners do.  This is why water conditioners are better for you and the environment.

Pure Elements Water  uses a proprietary catalytic converter that no one else has.  This unit deals with hard water issues very effectively without the use of salt.

The video above shows the whole home water filter version of the catalytic converter.

The key to the product is the proprietary core.  The core has fins which increase the surface area so the state of calcium carbonate can be changed more readily.  This core permanently changes the state of the hard water.  It reduces the scaling properties and reduces the hard water issues in the home.  It also helps with issues concerning landscaping, water features, spas, and swimming pools.

Water Conditioner - Proprietary Catalytic Converter
This is an water conditioner placed into the water main coming into the house.

If you would like to know more details about this proprietary hard water conditioning system, please call us.  Again, no one else on the market has this proprietary converter.  Some competitors will claim they have something but it is not like all our’s at all.  In fact, in a future video we will dissect one of our competitors so called converters so you can judge for yourself whether you think it is a viable technology merely advertising hype.  We stand firmly by our technology and have for 30 years.

Tap Water Across America

This is a recent excerpt from an interview Rick Allen did with Jena Covello on the Nateurious podcast. You can hear the whole episode 118 here.

Chloramines are a problem in tap water and need to be removed by a high quality water filter system.

Jena:  What I really want to know is, is the problem with tap water… Is it a problem through all of America, or is it predominantly mostly in California?

Rick:  Well, to start to start into this conversation about that, it is definitely across the country.   So let’s start with Flint. Okay. And I’ll give you guys a little bit of an update here on what I know about it.

So Flint, Michigan, some people said, well, we have this other source of water this other river, and it’s got old infrastructure.  But it’s going to be much cheaper to deliver this water to the people in Flint if we make a switch to this, and the governor said, Great idea, everybody’s gung ho, let’s save some money.

So they made this switch, and they switched to old led line pipes as a distribution system into Flint.

So this is where Flint parallels Los Angeles to a degree because the problem was they started pulling the water from the river and they said, we have to kill the bacteria in this water.

So because we have to kill the bacteria, let’s just use the disinfectant of choice.  And the disinfectant of choice right now is chloramines. It’s a combination between chlorine and ammonia.

Back back, way back in the old days, it was just free chlorine only, but there are a whole a host of reasons I could talk about for six hours about why they made a change, and started introducing ammonia with it.

Some of those things are beneficial. Some of those reasons make sense. Other reasons. It’s created a whole bunch of other problems. So now they put this disinfecting in, and now all of a sudden they’re stripping the lead off the pipes and driving it into the community. Little children are getting sick. You know, there were some deaths and all that stuff. I know that they had court cases against a couple of the people who had made the decision.

Listen to the rest of the podcast to hear more of Rick’s thoughts on the water problem in California. This is only a small part of the interview. You must check out the whole thing.

Get a great deal in a water filter that will protect you against the chloramines. See details here:

Whole House Water Filtration is Different Than Reverse Osmosis System

Fitz: Our friend Rick Allen from CrystalClear Water on the phone with me this morning. Happy Monday, Rick.
Rick: Happy Monday, Fitz.
Fitz: And why can’t I hear Rick?
Rick: I’m here. Can you hear me? I’m here.
Fitz: Rick?
Rick: I’m here. No go here?
Fitz: You there with me Rick?
Rick: I’m here. Can you hear me, Fitz?
Fitz: All right. Now he’s… This is odd. Rick, you there baby?
Rick: Fitz, I’m here. Can…
Fitz: All right. We’ll see if we can’t…
Rick: I’ll call you again. 

Fitz: Oh, I’m doing the wrong thing here. That’s why. That was my bad. Hey, Rick.
Rick: Good morning, Fitz. How are you?
Fitz: I’m good. I’m pushing the wrong buttons here. There you go.
Rick: You need that second cup of coffee.
Fitz: That’s it, baby. Happy…
Rick: Here with Clear Water, of course.
Wendy: I came to walk the klempt [SP].
Fitz: Happy Monday.
Rick: Thank you. Happy Monday to you, too.
Fitz: All right. So Rick Allen, head of Pure Elements Water, the parent company for CrystalClear Home, the water filtration system you’ve been hearing Wendy and I talking about for years. Rick, I’m going to take advantage of Wendy Jayne being in the studio here this morning and have her ask you a few questions. Okay?
Rick: That sounds great.
Fitz: All right. Stand by. Here you go. All right. And Wen did the things. You can come over here and sit here, babe. They don’t care.
Wendy: Good morning, Rick. 
Rick: Good morning, Wendy. How are you this morning?
Wendy: I’m excellent. How are you? 
Rick: Very, very fine, thank you. Ready for another week. 
Wendy: Well, there you have it. You know, it’s always so good to talk to you because you know how much I love my CrystalClear Water home filtration system. And I have to ask you a few questions only because, Rick, when I’m out and about, people ask me these questions all the time.
Rick: Sure.
Wendy: So without getting too technical, tell me why this is different than a reverse osmosis system.
Rick: Well, reverse osmosis is primarily a technology used for drinking water. And one of the big differences is that we are leaving the natural mineral content in place and providing a water that’s slightly alkaline. So reverse osmosis pretty much strips everything out and, in general, creates an acidic water. 
Wendy: Wow. That’s the same thing with salt when you just…if you have a sea salt, you get all the minerals. And if you use regular salt, it’s stripped of all its minerals. So that’s interesting. That’s great. So let me tell you why I love my system so much, Rick. I love it so much because of the convenience because I am, like, totally addicted, you know, to eating organic as often as I can. So when I’m home, and I buy all of these magnificent organic vegetables, I know that I can go to my sink and wash all my vegetables in filtered water. I’ve paid extra money for these vegetables, so now, I’m not tainting them with more chemicals when I’m washing them.
Rick: That’s for darn sure, you know, and the vegetables are very porous. So getting all the gaseous chemicals out before you wash them is very, very important. Real beneficial. 
Wendy: And the other reason why I love it is because I never have to think. When I’m in my house, I want to glass of water. I walk to any sink in my house, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Wherever I am, I can drink the water. I can wash my face. I can brush my teeth. All these things that are very, very important to me as a woman.
I take a shower. I’m a huge bath person, and I love sitting in a tub and knowing that I’m not absorbing all of these chemicals because… Do you know they say it takes only 24 seconds for your body to absorb chemicals whether it’s from the water that you shower and bathe in or whether it’s the creams that you put on your body? So I’m always trying to avoid these toxins as much as I can, and you just make my life so much easier. 
Rick: Well, listen. From a health standpoint, the bath and shower is one of my biggest priorities for more than 35 years because not only are you in your bathtub soaking that in, but these gaseous chemicals and things, many of them that are carcinogenic, they’re in the steam. So you’re breathing them. They come in through your skin, gets exposed, and those things migrate out into the living environment. So while you’re taking your bath, you could be affecting Fitz in the other room, too. So we want to eliminate all of that right at your front door.
Wendy: I mean, we don’t think about these things. But it’s so prevalent in everything we do in life that if we can avoid them, you know, in our own home, why not do it? And I have to say, another great advantage and a peace of mind for me… Because, you know, Rick, in my house, I’m the tool time girl.
And we just moved into a new place and got all new appliances. And, of course, I am concerned about all the lime buildup in the appliances and, you know, my new plants that I planted outside. So I know that this water filtration system is actually servicing my whole house, not just me personally for all the vanity reasons and convenient reasons that I just went down.
Rick: Well, but, you know, it definitely benefits your skin and your hair dramatically because the chlorine and other things are drying agents. And they make hair brittle, and they strip color from hair. You know, certainly, anybody with sensitivities to drying agents, it surely affects their bathing and showering experience. 
Wendy: Well, that’s me. I mean, and the desert just makes me even more dry than I already am. And Rick, for those of us who color our hair…
Rick: I didn’t say anything.
Wendy: I know. I know. However, we buy those expensive color saving shampoos. But if we don’t have filtered water, the water is stripping our hair as well. 
Rick: Very quickly. Not even a question there. 
Wendy: Yeah, yeah. So look. Those are all the reasons, Rick, why I love the system so much and why, when I’m out and about and people ask me about it…you know, as I said, all of the personal hygiene reasons, all of the health reasons, all of the convenience. You know, when I’m running out the door…and Rick, I’m one of these people that are always running out the door to an appointment as Fitz is laughing in the background.
I go, “Oh my gosh. I forgot my water.” And I run, and I get my stainless steel thermos because it’ll keep the water cool in my hot car, and I just run to the faucet and fill it up. And I don’t have to worry about those plastic bottles that I see sitting on the docks when they’re delivered to these grocery stores, and I know that all those chemicals are leaching into the water in those plastic bottles on top of it.
Rick: Oh, yeah. Not even a question.
Wendy: Not in my life.
Rick: Well, and there’s one other thing that we were able to do in your new house, and that’s very important for anybody out there who is re-modeling or, you know, replacing a water heater or doing a ground-up construction project. There is absolutely no question that one of the primary things you should do during the construction process is to install whole house filtration and salt-free water conditioning. So, you know, you recall we had to deal with walls and all kinds of things. So anybody in that mode should absolutely look at this right now.
Wendy: Yeah. Absolutely. We did it so that everything was… As a matter of fact, you even set everything up for my landscaping because at the time we were doing the house, I told you I wasn’t gonna do the landscaping until the very end. So you set it up where the water was, you know, all working for my landscaping as well, and yeah. So Rick, I just love my system. So tell people, Rick, where they can get in touch with you so they, too, can love their system.
Rick: Well, they can reach out to us at 760-346-4850, 346-4850. They can look us up at or the parent company, There’s lots of information there, and, you know, we’re happy to talk to anybody about their particular water concerns or questions about what we’ve got going on in the valley with chromium-6 and arsenic and chlorine and the different things. So reach out to us. We’d love to provide information. 
Wendy: Definitely. And you know what? Take it from me. Rick is so knowledgeable and will answer any questions that you have. And I ask a lotta questions, don’t I, Rick?
Rick: They’re all good questions though, Wendy.
Wendy: So 760-346-4850. Call Rick. Get your own CrystalClear Water home filtration system. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks, Rick.
Rick: Thanks very much, you guys. Tell everybody to stay hydrated during Coachella. 
Wendy: Yeah, definitely. All right. Take care.
Rick: Bye, bye, guys.
Wendy: Bye, bye.

California Homes Magazine Article on Pure Elements Water

Rick Allen, CEO of Pure Elements Water, did a recent interview with California Homes Magazine for their May/June 2020 issue.

The article touched on a lot of different subjects with some specific Covid-19 information as well.

“WITH COVID -19 SWIRLING AROUND US, creating health fears, economic strife and environmental concerns, we need to take control of everything we can. While we languish quarantined inside our homes, now is the time to reduce our reliance on outside necessities. Rick Allen has been a visionary for water treatment designed to give people control of their household water quality. His Newport Beach company, Pure Elements Water, has helped thousands of homeowners enjoy safe, high quality water.”

Water treatment is becoming more and more a necessity because water supplies are becoming increasingly sketchy.  They are constantly changing the chemicals and the amounts they use to treat our tap water with.  And while we did need to use chemicals to disinfect the water of bacteria and microbes, we personally don’t need to drink that water once the chemicals have done their job.  The healthiest thing to do is to remove them from you drinking and bathing water.

Rick Allen displays high quality filter media.

“The greatest area of exposure to harmful chemicals occurs while bathing. Carcinogens are in your shower water and steam, resulting in concentrated exposure through skin and lungs. Pure Elements Water custom-designs whole house filtration and salt-free water conditioning systems around each municipality to achieve maximum protection.”

This “custom” designed water filtration system is the main reason Pure Elements Water is the very best water filtration company out there.  Competitors in most cases use generic carbon and other generic media in their filters.  This “one size fits all” approach has proven to be worthless in a short period of time.  If you are not going to address each harmful chemical with the exact media that removes it, what is the point of the filtration system?  You have just wasted your money if you are not “matching the hatch” so to speak.  (That’s a fishing reference you can look up if you are curious.)

Another massive problem in Southern California and other areas across the country is pinhole leaks in copper pipes.  Rick talks about that also in this article.

“With an epidemic number of pinhole leaks in copper piping in Southern California, Pure Elements Water has designed systems that successfully address the core causes. No home with a Pure Elements Water system installed in the last twelve years has reported a further pinhole leak. These homeowners avoided the cost and inconvenience of replacing their pipes or applying epoxy linings. It’s a Win-Win – Save thousands, no disruption, prevent future pinhole leaks and enjoy high quality water throughout the home.”

This article snippet touches on a major point.  If you have pinhole leaks and you install a Pure Elements Water system, you are extremely unlikely to get another pinhole leak.  Our system is proven and we back it up with a killer guarantee that no one else in the business can offer.  This system is the best at preventing pinhole leaks in copper plumbing. 

“Pure Elements Water’s proprietary systems also address hard water issues without the use of salt or chemicals, protecting tankless water heaters, appliances, fixtures and our environment. No slimy feeling or problems associated with outdated salt-based systems – 98 out of every 100 systems designed today by Pure Elements Water are salt-free.”

Not only does the water filtration system do all the things mentioned above but it can also remove or reduce hard water issues without salt.  See water softeners use salt and this is very effective with hard water.  But water softeners also come with a lot of maintenance requirements and they are not good for the environment.  If you care about the planet, a water softener is not the right thing to use.  Luckily Pure Elements Water solves this by using a water conditioner like no other.  It works amazingly well and is a better alternative for most people.

salt free water conditioner orange county ca
Salt free water conditioner is not a water softener but removes or reduces hard water issues in an environmentally safe manner.

And on top of all this, we are still having a SALE! Check out the details here:

Check out the original article here:

You have to scroll through to pages 60-61.

Or you can see a copy of the article here:

A New Batch Of Whole House Water Filter Reviews You Have Never Seen

Here are a bunch of recent reviews for our products and services that you have never seen!

If you want to here how our products and services have enriched our client’s lifestyles, please read the reviews below.

“After searching high and low for the best whole house water filtration system we picked Pure Elements Water. What sold us was the fact that their systems use saltless conditioning, they customize their systems to the local municipalities (not one size fits all), their products are made of the best quality in the USA and they have stellar customer service.

The Owner and our Salesman, Rick, was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, honest, and customer focused. We equally valued the supporting team behind Rick with the execution in planning, installing and educating us on how the customized system works within our household.

Their Office Manager, Cindy, was very organized, insightful with her materials and handled the logistics leading up to the install as good as it gets.

Our installers, Nick and Jake, were artists at their craft. They helped identify the perfect spot in our garage for the system, all their work was 100% clean and seamless, and they are very friendly gentlemen.

All around, top notch and our family couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Pure Elements Team.”

Nour K.
San Francisco, CA

Whole House Complete Filtration System Orange County CA

“We found Pure Elements Water Company through a recommendation of a health care professional and we are so happy we took her advice.

They came out and assessed our situation with a friendly informative attitude.

I feel so much better we have clean drinking water out of the tap and most importantly, clean showering and bathing water. It’s important we all get clean bathing water.

Chemicals in the city water when heated up are carcinogens and become airborne and breathed in while showering as well as absorbed into your pours so it’s important to have clean water coming into the house and not just filtered water under the sink.

This company was fantastic, reliable, and friendly and tested our water side by side with the city water after installation to prove how much chemicals were removed.

We feel so much better and recommend them highly as our drinking water is now on par with Crystal Geyser and other filtered bottle water.”

John V.
Laguna Beach, CA

The systems are on Sale now. Details are here:

“We decided to install a water filtration and purification system because 1) we wanted to prevent pin hole leaks (we had one a few years ago) and 2) our bottled water delivery service twice increased their prices significantly.

We had estimates from other companies but we bought Rick’s Pure Elements Water system on the spot because he obviously knew more about water and each specific water district in Orange County than anyone.

Going back several years when we had a pin hole, we treated it with an epoxy system that took care of part of our home.

After the treatment we noticed we could not get much water pressure from the entire master bath portion of our home.

In August of 2019, we installed the Pure Elements Water filtration system near the front of the garage. It only took one tank to service our home. Not much space was given up at all!

We installed a water purification under our kitchen sink and have a separate faucet for drinking and cooking water. What a difference!

After about three weeks our water pressure in the master improved! Next we saw differences in the efficiency of our dishwater. Dishes came out much cleaner!

I noticed a difference in the laundry, less stiff towels and clothing. Our purified water tasted so much better than anything we had ever tried.

The most amazing change however was something we did not expect.

I’ve had some illnesses for 22 years and trouble with brain fog. Starting around three weeks using filtrated water, my brain fog started to lift.

Since October of 2019, I no longer have brain fog!

Previously to installing our new water system I had difficulty cognitively deciphering a spoken sentence. There was an odd lapse of time that was not normal and I said “what” all the time because of the lapse. It is GONE!

In my younger years before technology and my illness, I was a walking dictionary, remembering names, numbers etc. I lost that ability for over 20 years but it is back COMPLETELY.

My husband feels he has more brain clarity in his normal work day also. It is all due to the water! Buy it. Improve your life!”

Janis P.
Irvine, CA

Learn more about Pure Elements Water.

“About 13 years ago I purchased a HealthyHome Solution Whole-House Filtration & Conditioning System from Pure Elements Water and have been very pleased with the quality of water I’ve been getting.

About three years ago I had a 10-year scheduled maintenance performed and my system is like new again.

I’ve had no problems with my system since I’ve owned it.

I feel good knowing my water is good for my health, tastes good and is good for the environment (eliminates plastic bottles).

I really appreciate the service and support I receive from Rick & Dawn at Pure Elements Water. Whenever I have a question, they’re there for me. If I need help, they’re there for me. They’re always accessible and friendly and don’t charge me when I have questions or need support.”

Sharon C.
Costa Mesa, CA

“As a service plumber in Southern California for over 2 decades I have had great success in preventing pinhole leaks in copper pipes with the Pure Elements Water systems.

My clients and myself have been saved from the cost and inconvenience of repiping and epoxy lining ( and the problems that come with those).

In all my years , none of my clients have experienced a leak after installing the systems, regardless of the number of leaks beforehand. Its all in the water chemistry!

And the water tastes great too!!”

Jimmy Dean Plumbing
Major D.
Mission Viejo, CA

“For the last 7-8 years we have had a salt water softener in our desert home.

Over the last couple of years, we have had problems with our skin, hair, and blood pressure.

Our showers have been longer because our skin has felt slippery and the our hair still feels dirty.

Also we had taste problems and our coffee and tea had been horrible.

After getting Pure Elements Water our lives have changed!!! .

No more skin problems, hair problems, and my husband’s blood pressure has been going down.

My husband is fit and healthy and we couldn’t figure out why his blood pressure skyrocketed. He says it’s a result of marriage but I suspected our water was the culprit.

We have saved so much money, not spending on outside coffee, getting hair frequently dyed, and other expenses due to elements.

I’ve changed my hair appointments to every 8 weeks instead of 3 weeks. Ladies you know this is amazing!!!

And this is going to sound strange, but even my cat has lost weight. Yeah no more salty water, no more weight retention.

If you’re looking for a water system for your home, please give Pure Elements Water a call!”

N D.
Rancho Mirage, CA

“I have had Pure Elements Water installed in both of my residences.

It was a very clean installation at each home.

I am very pleased with their personal service and very knowledgeable people to deal with.

I now know that I have very clean water in both of my homes.

I highly recommend this treatment of water.

It was a pleasure to work with Fiona Milligan who is the director of Desert operations and Rick Allen the president and CEO.

My homes are located in Indian Wells, California and Newport Beach, California.”

Myrna W.
Newport Beach, CA

“RICK, NICK, & the PURE ELEMENTS WATER Company are a pleasure to work with.

My home had a pinhole leak about 1.5 years ago. We had the leak fixed, but have since been concerned about the high possibility of another pinhole leak occurring, especially since this is any issue for many of the homes in our area.

For about 1.5 years now, my husband and I have been researching options, including PEX or the EPOXY lining. We even had several companies quote us for both PEX and EPOXY.

We know of several individuals that have repiped their home with PEX, however felt this option was too aggressive, since this would create multiple holes throughout our entire home.

Furthermore, after researching the pro/cons of PEX and although certain companies did provide a good warranty, we felt that at this time PEX was definitely the most aggressive option, especially since we had a functioning copper pipe system at this time.

Another option we debated was EPOXY lining of the existing copper pipes.

This was a more conservative option to PEX. However most of the companies that had provide us with quotes did not provide a warranty that stood behind their work — meaning if the epoxy failed and there was a leak — the best warranty we found was a company that would fix the leak at no charge, but collateral damage was not covered. Which to us meant that they were not confident that there would not be another pinhole leak after the EPOXY lining.

It seemed that both PEX and EPOXY were addressing the damage caused by chemicals in the water, mainly chloramine.

BUT neither addressed the main cause: the water chemistry — the chemicals in the water itself that are causing the damage.

In search for a more conservative option to PEX, we actually found PURE ELEMENTS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM.

The website, the information I found online, and Rick the owner, helped me understand that their water filtration system actually addresses the main cause — the chemicals (mainly chloramine) that are causing the damage to the copper pipes, leading to the pinhole leaks.

I contacted Rick on the YELP app, and he responded right away, and I was able to speak with him on the phone that day for more than 1 hour — and this was on a weekend day (not a weekday!)

Rick was extremely knowledgeable, informative, friendly, and attentive. It was obvious that he had a lot of passion and experience about water.

After the conversation, Rick agreed to meet in person with my husband and I, and was even very accommodating with the meeting time.

When he arrived to our house, he was on time and spent over 1.5 hours educating us.

He helped us realize that his filtration system is NOT like all other filtration systems out there, because his filtration system is actually customized to address the type of water and chemicals coming into your home in your community.

After reviewing the pro/cons of all our options, my husband and I decided to move forward with the PURE ELEMENTS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM.

On the day of installation, Nick from the company came to build us a customized set up for our home and for our custom built Pure Elements Water Filtration Tank. Nick was friendly, efficient, and his work was very clean.

Rick (the owner), Nick, and the entire Pure Elements Water Team have been nothing but helpful and accommodating.

We look forward to now having drinking water from each faucet, as well as removal of the chemicals from the water, that have been the source and cause of the pinhole leaks.

When there is a problem, it only makes sense to address the cause first.

We feel that installing the Pure Elements Water Filtration system is the most conservative and logical way to approach this widespread pinhole leak issue.

Thank you Pure Elements Water Team for your help and great customer service.”

Bertina Y.
Irvine, CA

“This is the best water filtration system I’ve ever had.

And I’ve had more than 5 different water filtration systems in my life.

Thank you so much!!”

Kristine F.
Yorba Linda, CA

“This review is long overdue.

Rick is fantastic.

He sold me a water purifying system six months ago.

By nature, I am not easily sold or impressed.

Unlike most sales people (and I met three others), Rick approached the sale from a scientific perspective.

He is not a scientist, but he has the data about water, water conditioners, water softeners, copper pipes and PEX tubing.

I made an educated choice based on Rick’s data (and not his spin) and the performance of his Pure Elements Water Conditioner.

Nick installed my water conditioner. He too is fantastic.

Most trades are not very conscientious. Nick’s work and work space were clean. It appeared he cared about my home as if it was his.

Thank you Rick and Nick…”

Greg R.
Anaheim, CA

“Installed a Pure Elements Water whole house water system about 9 months ago.

Rick Allen, the owners is a fraternity brother, so felt I could trust him…but as they say….”Trust but verify!”

Lots of scammers in the water business, so did my “due diligence” ahead of time, since I was in this business for a few years and had just enough knowledge to be dangerous!

I was having terrible skin problems since moving to San Clemente.

Only thing I could think of was the water.

When researching, I found SC had horrible water.

Asked Rick to come out and I drilled him on what makes his system so special! He never flinched and had the answers and showed me why is was different.

Another problem in south OC is the pin hole leaks in the copper pipe caused by the chemicals in the water. NO WORRIES NOW!

Probably just as important is the service.

Had one issue that was not caused by the system, but I did not know it. I called Pure Elements Water, they sent their wonderful tech guys out the next day and showed me why my pressure was down. They fixed it and all is still perfect. Did not charge me either!!!!

Here is the bottom line….how important is your health?

We are mainly water and I have chosen to drink and bath in Pure Elements Water….what a Godsend!

Thank you Rick Allen!”

William M.
San Clemente, CA

“This company is great, we have pure water now!

We were experiencing pin hole leaks in our copper pipes from the higher chloramine levels, not to mention hard water, chlorine taste and deposits around our faucets.

No more!

We purchased a Pure Elements Water filter and what a difference!

Great tasting water and my wife says her skin doesn’t feel as dry!

Cullen was very professional and informative, the installation was clean and fast.

The single tank hardly takes up any room in our garage. I am very happy with our choice !!”

Ross H.
Laguna Niguel, CA

“I am very happy with my water system from Rick.

Rick really knows water.

I did a lot of research beforehand and chose Pure Elements Water for my whole house water system.

I love the whole house filtration because it provides pure water everywhere in my home – even the water we shower with.

I also have an outdoor airoponic garden system and now my organic edibles have pure water too.

Rick was able to answer every question I had. He explained everything in understandable terms.

I am confident I chose the best with Pure Elements Water and have the healthiest, safest water for myself and for my family.

Thank you!”

Cub B.
Newport Beach, CA

“I researched and researched water softeners/conditioners and filters for our whole house for weeks and learned about their differences.

Lucky for me I found pure elements water and they had exactly what I was looking for.

I knew from my research I did not want a softener with the work replacing the pellets and the impact they backwash cycle has on the environment.

I really liked the concept of the conditioning device pure elements used and I can reuse the backwashed water for my garden or anything.

No pellets to buy, carry and load up.

When you have kids minimizing your to-do list is essential.

Now our house if protected from the issues with hard water and our whole house has filtered water.

Even since we installed the filter my hands have stopped cracking and bleeding from the chemicals and I don’t use lotion.

We didn’t need to add a drinking water filter because of the salt in the water, even though we have one for drinking anyways.

Rick had been extremely responsive and Nick installed the system was awesome! He connected several pipe options for us to collect the backwashed water since I didn’t have the barrels set up yet.

Now were selling our house and we are definitely taking the system with us….we love it.

Would absolutely recommend the product and there customer service was great!”

Julie B.
San Diego, CA

“I had Pure Elements Water installed in my home in 2009 and enjoyed the pure water at that time.

However, in 2016 a friend talked me into buying another system. I thought it would be a good system, but the company had poor communication, i.e. wouldn’t respond to my calls
and the performance of the system rapidly deteriorated.

In April 2018 I called up Rick at Pure Elements Water and they were willing to work with me to take out the system from the other company and install Pure Elements Water system again, a system we knew we could trust for water quality and good service.”

Jackie D.
Costa Mesa, CA

“My system has been working perfectly since installation 7 years ago in 2010.

Rick and his technicians have diligently contacted me for follow-up service.

I love the fact that I can drink water from any faucet in the house and that I never have to buy bottled water.

I have containers I use to refill and drink water on the go.

Think of the all the money I have saved not having to buy the bottled water, paying the CRV, and dealing with the disposal of the plastic. I have saved thousands.

My water is conditioned and feels like soft water.

I had blotches on my skin before I had the system installed.

It was my doctor who noticed that the blotches disappeared and how improved my skin looked.

I really don’t know about the copper piping in my place but my home is 47 years old and I have never had a leak.

I’m very satisfied and I would recommend Rick and his system to everyone!”

Marty C.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Cleaning a Pure Elements Water Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

We’re going to show you now, how to clean the core in one of our exterior catalytic water conditioners.

First, you need to break the seal on the unions so that you can remove the core. This will require a pipe wrench and a pair of channel locks.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

It’s best to disconnect the unit at both ends with both unions so you can easily slide the core out for cleaning.  The core will slide out of the body with the serial number end at the top.

Clean the Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

The second step in this process is to clean the catalytic water conditioning core.  This is best done with a mixture of muriatic acid to water.  So we fill our bucket up with about four gallons of water and we add one half a gallon of muriatic acid to the water to clean our core.  Obviously be very careful in handling muriatic acid. Be sure to wear eye protection and follow all the instructions on the bottle.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Next, we are going to dip our catalytic conditioning core into the muriatic acid and water solution.   Again, pay attention to the warning labels on the muriatic acid and follow all instructions

With the core in the murky water and muriatic acid mixture, we found that it’s best to leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes for a proper cleaning.   

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

After soaking in the muriatic acid and water for about 5 minutes, you’ll notice of core returns to its natural color of grey.   Be sure to thoroughly rinse your core with clean water prior to reinsertion.

This car is now clean and ready to be reassembled into the conditioner.   Also, be sure to dispose of your muriatic acid and water solution properly with regard to codes in your own area. 

Before reassembling the catalytic conditioner into the copper body be sure to use Teflon tape amply on the threads for a complete seal.  Make sure when you put your Teflon tape in place that you cover the entire lip to create a proper seal and for ease of re-installation.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Taking note that the serialized end is the inlet. Refer to the sticker on the body for the proper flow direction.  Note the arrows on the sticker for help with flow direction.

Once the conditioner is back in place, the tank can be reattached and you are finished.

25% OFF – See here for details.

More great videos on water conditioners and more:

CV104 3 Radio Fitz and Wendy Rick Allen Water and COVID 19 Health

Fitz: We’ll address that coming up in a few, but right now, we’ve got our buddy Rick Allen from Crystal Clear Water on the phone with us.

Wendy: Do we?

Fitz: Rick.

Rick: Hi, guys. How are y’all today?

Fitz: What it is, how are you?

Wendy: Hey, Rick.

Interviewee: I am good. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

Wendy: Of course, we are. We have a Crystal Clear home water filtration system in our house.

Fitz: There you go.

Wendy: We’re very healthy.

Rick: Absolutely.

Fitz: Do we need to say anymore?

Rick: No, I think we’re done.

Fitz: All right. Good to talk to you, man. Rick knows so much about all of our various water districts out here. I’ve never talked to anyone as knowledgeable about water or as passionate as you are. Rick, taking good care of our listeners for many, many years. And now, a really good time since you’ve got that 25% off. For those who maybe haven’t had time, been running too much, now you’re at home, easy for you to communicate these days with your clients and prospective clients, right, Rick?

Rick: Absolutely, it actually is. To a degree, it’s a little bit easier. And I do see a substantial increase in the communication we have with people who are interested in taking a look at their water during these pretty crazy times right now.

Fitz: No doubt. I mean, I can’t tell you, I’ve told you and told our audience for many years about all the benefits of this total property water filtration system. Wendy and I were coming home from grocery shopping yesterday and we’re looking at our home, and looking at the landscaping. Rick, it’s almost like it’s our landscaping’s on steroids, man.

Wendy: It’s really is.

Fitz: It’s like Wendy goes, “Oh, my God, we’ve got to start trimming all this stuff back, it’s growing like…it’s lush, it’s beautiful.” And we do attribute that because chlorine is not good for our landscaping, our bushes, and our shrubs, right?

Rick: No, absolutely. You know, and it’s not that great for us either, as you know. And there are other factors in what we’re doing too that are, you know, resulting in the extensive. I like to call it the thriving landscape that you guys are experiencing there. And so, you know, obviously, we start from the outside in and we want to take care of ourselves personally, you know, on our bodies and our health and our hair and our skin and all of those things. And just as added benefits, we’re able to address things in irrigation, let you guys use less fertilizer and less water, but also do things that are very beneficial for swimming pools and water features.

Fitz: Right. And of course, not to mention the guts of all your appliances and everything, the pipes that go through your home and everything else and all that salt leaching, all that clog that happens from regular tap water. But also, Rick, I want to point out, everyone is trying to eat healthy these days. They go and they buy organic produce and they come home and they wash it off in chlorinated water in their sink, not if you have your own Crystal Clear home water filtration system.

Rick: Absolutely.

Wendy: And I’d also like to bring up another point that’s actually a very serious point that’s going on right now, Rick. And that is with this virus, the one thing that really upsets me is I don’t think that there’s enough talk on the news about the need to take care of yourself so that if, in fact, you do get this virus, you can recover from it. And one of the things they tell you to do, and I don’t think they’re telling you enough, is to drink lots of water, clean water, to keep your lungs hydrated, and also to take baths, to keep your body hydrated. And those are two things that, if they’re so important to do, it’s so important to do in clean water.

Rick: Yeah, there’s not even a question, and actually, that was the topic I had in mind for just this brief talk here is the fact that hydration is, you know, a very prominent or critical thing to be doing right now because you’re right. I believe too, my personal beliefs are that one of the great ways to stem the virus is to make your immune system strong so that you can either avoid getting it altogether, even if you’re exposed possibly, or if you do get it, so that you can get through it and get on with it.

Wendy: Exactly.

Rick: So hydration plays a big role…

Wendy: Big role.

Rick: In supplementing the immune system.

Fitz: No doubt about it.

Wendy: Yes, absolutely.

Fitz: And that needs to be stressed more and more, Rick. I don’t think there is enough talk about diet and building up your immune system. Your rest.

Wendy: And it’s so great for us to have this system in our house because no matter what room we’re in, you know, and Fitz is always constantly saying, “Wendy, are you drinking enough water? Are you drinking enough water?” And so as soon as he says it to me, I immediately fill a glass of water wherever I am. And I know that it’s filtered clean water and it’s so great. And the same thing with taking baths, as you know, I love to take baths. And it’s so great to know that I am not absorbing chemicals, either from the air because I’ve filled the tub and the chemicals come into the air or from the water itself. So, you know, I just think that it’s a simple way for us all to take care of ourselves.

Fitz: You spoiled us rotten, Rick. We’re so spoiled and you know how we’re proud to be spreading the word for you. We urge everyone to go to your website,, and then give Rick a call. He has helped so many of our listeners. And I can tell you, several listeners have said through the years, Rick, how great you are with them and how much they love their systems. So there’s a good endorsement right there. 346-4850, ask for Rick Allen. Like I said before, he knows more about water than anyone. He can explain how it works. And you have all, you know, obviously, everyone has different needs depending on the size of their home and their property.

Wendy: It’s not a one-size-fits-all system.

Fitz: Right. Exactly. And you’ve got 25% off right now.

Wendy: Which is amazing.

Fitz: An amazing opportunity to go ahead and give you a call, get more details, and save 25% off

during these times, that’s a big savings,, 346-4850, call Rick Allen, find out how you can drink and bathe worry-free and get your own Crystal Clear home water filtration system. Rick, always a pleasure.

Rick: You guys too. It’s great to talk to you.

Fitz: Always a pleasure and always, always wonderful to talk to you. And we always love spreading the word about the great work that you do. We just want you to keep on.

Wendy: Important work.

Fitz: Keep on keeping on.

Wendy: Definitely.

Rick: Well, I appreciate the support, you guys, and I’m glad that we’re all able to enjoy the good water, so it’s great to be able to help as many people as we can at this time.

Fitz: Well, and we appreciate your support of us as well, Rick.

Wendy: Definitely.

Fitz: As always. All right, Rick Allen, make it a super Saturday and we’ll talk to you soon. We’ll keep pumping the message out there about the 25% off. 346-4850, give Rick a call.

Wendy: Take care, Rick.

Fitz: Have a great weekend, Rick.

Rick: All right, guys. Have a good weekend and a good week, and let’s get on the backside of this thing, okay?

Wendy: Definitely.

Fitz: There you go, no doubt. We all want to turn a page on this chapter indeed. All right, Rick. Have a great weekend.

Rick: Oh, boy. Talk to you soon.

Fitz: All right, man, you too. Ciao.

Wendy: Take care. Bye

Rick: Bye.

YouTube video for this:  CV104 3 Radio Fitz and Wendy Rick Allen Water and COVID 19 Health

Fitz CV104.3 Radio Pandemic Causes Resurgence In Focus On Water Health

Fitz: 8:38. Okay, let’s do this again. Mr. Waterman, Rick from Crystal Clear Water. Good morning.

Rick: Good morning, Fitz. How are you this morning?

Fitz: I’m like everyone else. We’re doing what we’re supposed to do and yet trying to keep positive and in the zone, and yet we cannot wait to turn the page on this chapter, that’s for sure.

Rick: Well, I sure hear you on that one.

Fitz: In this day and age, Rick, we’re talking about water and talking about, I think, the silver lining in this is that people are gonna be hopefully paying more attention to their health, you know, and trying to take off a few pounds because, you know, preexisting conditions has not been a good thing for those who have gotten this COVID-19, and obesity and just all the things that people have been doing, not eating right and not paying attention to their diet and overindulging and everything and not exercising. I think your product falls into that. Trying to keep us clean, healthy, and keeping our insides clean with that crystal clear water so that we’re not ingesting that chlorine and chromium-6 and pharmaceuticals that has been proven to be in our drinking water and all that fun stuff.

Rick: Yeah, I think you’re right about that. I think there is gonna be a resurgence in focus on health, and this pandemic has made us take a look at where we are, each one of us, where we are physically. And in some cases, it’s not benefiting to be looking at the same four walls, you know, and taking out that takeout food and we want to keep doing that, though, because we have to support our brothers in the restaurant business.

Fitz: No doubt.

Rick: So, yeah, but you certainly can take control of the health in terms of the water quality in your home, and that definitely does fit into the package moving forward here because whole house filtration is extremely valuable and getting the chemicals and things out of the bath and shower water, because, as we’ve talked about before, that’s the greatest area of exposure that you have to the carcinogenic things that are in the water. And you know, our guys at the water districts do a good job of meeting the federal standards, but you still have a bunch of things in there that we shouldn’t need to be exposed to. And then on the drinking waterfront, of course, health-related supplies and bottled water is in and out of shortage, short supply in the grocery stores, and we want to be moving the water around.

Coachella Valley CA – CV104.3 Radio Interview

Fitz: And not to mention how expensive bottled water is, Rick.

Rick: Yeah. And just the physical act of moving water from the shelf to your house. And there’s a whole second layer of issues there with concerns about chemicals leaching into the water from the plastic. And especially in the Valley when as the temperatures get warmer, as those temperatures increase, that makes that a greater problem for us.

Fitz: For the next week we’re gonna be in triple digits. Here, we’re gonna hit like 101 today. So a lot of those pallets of water, when they’re getting delivered to the store, sit outside in the sun or the folks delivering put it back on the back gate and they can only take, you know, one-off at a time or whatever. And man, that is certainly a recipe for that plastic leaching into the water. People don’t realize that.

Rick: Yeah, it’s really a concern. I mean, in dealing with a lot of my healthcare and longevity people, I do have a very top-rated Orange County nutritionist who has a study out of Europe. It’s pretty old, maybe 10 or 15 years old now. And they studied the whole deal there and there. They came up with the fact or their result was that drinking water from the plastic bottles is equivalent to drinking liquid estrogen. And her whole concept in terms of Orange County being one of the areas with highest female cancers was that the affluence, you know, everybody carrying around a bottle of designer bottled water is a contributing factor to that. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I do hold some belief that it is.

Fitz: I’ve heard that before. That’s not surprising. So Rick, we encourage everyone to get in touch with you more important now if you’ve been on the fence and not to mention the fact that you’re giving 25% off now on these systems.

best water filter coachella valley ca
Whole House Complete Filtration System Coachella Valley CA

Rick: Yeah, we’re trying to help, you know, where we can, and we’ve actually been quite busy because people get a chance now to sit down and reflect and say, “Hey, we have some of those things, some of those boxes we want to check for the home,” and doing whole house filtration and salt-free water conditioning should definitely be one of those boxes.

Fitz: And I’m sure when you or your representative comes out to a home, if someone’s interested, obviously you do all the correct social distancing and everything that’s being asked of us all now.

Rick: One hundred percent. In fact, we actually are doing the majority of business that we are doing right now is actually what I would call a phone order, where we actually can design and do the whole thing in terms of going on a water system for somebody without an actual personal visit to the home.

Fitz: That’s awesome.

Rick: And in most cases, we can actually do the installation physically and not go anywhere further than the garage. So that’s been really good in terms of ways to deal with this and make sure we’re 110% compliant with what we’re being told to do.

Fitz: Sure. And everyone has a different sized home, different needs. You can custom design a system. We encourage everyone to go to your parent company website and check it out,, and then give you a call. You’ve been great with our listeners through the years, Rick, and we thank you so much for that. You definitely know your biz, and you’re passionate about it, which is what it’s all about. 760-346-4850, 760-346-4850. Ask for Rick Allen. He’ll get back with you and find out how you can drink and bathe worry-free. Wash those vegetables, save the innards of your dishwasher and all your appliances from that hard water, and live a much more healthy than you would if you didn’t have the system.

Wendy and I are spoiled. We can vouch for it. Everything we say does happen and works. And Rick, you’re the best. So 346-4850, give Rick Allen a call. Find out how you can get your own crystal clear home water, total property water filtration system. Rick, always a pleasure. Keep doing the right thing. Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to turning the page on this chapter here sooner than later, of course.

Rick: Boy, I hope so. So, hug those close to you. Say hello to lovely Wendy for me.

Fitz: I will.

Rick: And we will talk soon. Thank you very much.

Fitz: All right. Thank you so much, Rick. Make it a fantastic Friday. Safe weekend.

Rick: All right. You, too. Bye-bye.

Fitz: Stay cool.

Crystal Clear Home Water Filter Systems During the Covid-19 Pandemic – CV104.3 Radio

Fitz and Wendy from radio station CV104.3 talks about water filtration systems in the Coachella Valley with Rick Allen during the pandemic.

Fitz: Thirty-three, our buddy Rick Allen, we always like to check in with Rick. He’s the man who knows more about water and pure water. That’s why he’s the man with the CrystalClear Home water filtration system. Rick Allen, who has taken great care of many of our listeners through the years. Rick, how are you and your lovely wife doing during these times?

Rick: We are hunkered down and we’re doing very well. Thank you. I hope you and Wendy are also.

Fitz: Yes we are. Thank you.

Wendy: Hi, Rick.

Rick: Hi, Wendy. How are you?

Wendy: I’m doing great. You know, we’re doing the same thing, hunkering down and doing what we’re supposed to do.

Fitz: Trying to keep positive, trying to keep healthy, trying to move around so we don’t get, you know, boy, when you sit around too much and watch too much television, man, that body aches just because you’re in one place which is unhealthy to begin with. And then all the information that makes you tense up anyways, so we’re just trying to be like a relief valve here on Saturdays.

Rick: Exactly.

Fitz: So what’s going on with CrystalClear Home? And, boy, you talk about people now more than ever concerned about their health and different things in our water system and all that stuff.

Water health during a pandemic.

Rick: Absolutely. Right now is an exceptional time and because of course drinking water and water is a necessity, we are continuing to work on paying attention to all of the restrictions and regulations and things. But now is the time to take control of the water inside your home for both drinking and bathing and everything else from all the health aspects that you can. You know, the bottled of water is flying off the shelf, there’s shortages of certain brands and different things and you don’t need to be a slave to that. I mean, this is the time to…

Fitz: Not to mention the amount of money that you spend on bottled water.

Rick: Oh, it’s crazy, certainly more than gasoline. And we absolutely need to take control and be able to have good quality drinking water from every faucet. And we’ve got a lot of people who are taking the step right now because they’re stuck at home and they’re getting some home things done and on that list needs to be addressing your water quality throughout your home.

Fitz: Well, Rick, we are big proponents of the system, obviously. Want to remind everyone that depends on the size of your home that you can custom make a system depending on how big the property is because this is a total property water filtration system and takes care of your plants and all that salt leaching goes away. And with all the carcinogens in our drinking water and the chlorine and the chromium (VI) and all that we forget that when we bathe or take a shower, we breathe that stuff into our lungs and we need to keep those lungs clean and…

Wendy: Strong, healthy.

Fitz: And these days, more than ever, you know.

Wendy: Definitely.

Rick: Boys, and that’s the truth.

Fitz: So, Rick, I want to thank you on behalf of our listeners who we’ve connected you with and your support. Thank you for your support of yours truly and Wendy and me for so many years. We always feel proud to be able to put your message out because we live the CrystalClear water life and are always grateful. And I can’t tell you how many times we’ll catch each other going, you know, we take it for granted but isn’t this amazing that we have this throughout our home and that we’re blessed to be able to drink that way and not have to be going to the store constantly and buying bottled water?

Wendy: And that’s very true because when we do go to the store, we see people buying cases of water.

Fitz: If you can find them now on the shelves in certain stores.

Wendy: And also, you know, specifically for this virus, they say you should be drinking even more water now.

Rick: Absolutely. And, guys, you know, we’re trying to help out, I know it’s a tough time for a lot of people, so we’re doing what we can. So we are offering 25% off company-wide on all of our systems. So that’s indefinitely while we’re dealing with the fun coronavirus thing. And so if this is something that you had on your wish list and you’re sitting at home now, you know, now is the time to snatch it up.

Fitz: Well I’m sure there are a lot of people who have been sitting on the fence or they haven’t had time to deal with it or whatever. That’s a good point, that’s so nice of you to offer that 25% off, Rick. 346-4850 is Rick’s number. Give him a call, he’ll be happy to talk to you and get back with you and answer any questions you might have. It’s fascinating how it works, it’s so simple, it doesn’t require any maintenance. 346-4850 and you can get more details on the parent company’s website, Rick, I’m glad you and your wife and family are safe and sound and doing what we’re all doing. And we look forward to turning the page on this chapter, that’s for sure. And we thank you so much for keeping our listeners healthy with the pure water.

Rick: Thank you guys for all your support over the years and hopefully we can all get out there and play some live music one of these days again, too.

Fitz: Man, don’t you miss it, Rick?

Wendy: That’ll be exciting.

Fitz: This is supposed to be Coachella weekend one.

Rick: I know.

Fitz: And that’s such a beautiful day. It was rainy and cold yesterday but today a beautiful morning and nothing like after the rain, is there?

Rick: Now lots of negative ions which is healthy also.

Fitz: Exactly.

Rick: So get out where you can.

Fitz: There you go.

Wendy: Exactly.

Fitz: That’s good advice right there, a lot of people don’t know about that. We’ll have to dig into the negative and positive ions next time. All right. Rick Allen, thank you so much. Once again, 346-4850 is your number, pure on the web. Rick, happy Easter to you and your family and thank you for the partnership and the friendship for all these years.

Rick: Thank you guys and to all your viewers. Have a wonderful day you guys.

Fitz: You too, man. To be safe.

Wendy: Thanks, you too, Rick.

Fitz: All right. Be safe.

Wendy: Bye-bye.

Fitz: Stay healthy.

Rick: Bye-bye.

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A video about what we do.
25% OFF during the virus crisis.

Best Pure Water Filter Costa Mesa CA

The best pure water filter in Costa Mesa CA is currently manufactured and installed by Pure Elements Water.  No matter what you needs or concerns are there is a system just right for you.

Best Pure Water Filter Costa Mesa CA

This photo is of a water filter installed in Costa Mesa CA that had older plumbing.  The client has concerns about dealing with that older copper pipes.  It was important that care was taken to install the whole house water filter in a way that it worked well with the older plumbing. 

Best Pure Water Filter Costa Mesa CA

The client was initially interested in a water filter system because they had health concerns and a new baby on the way.  Of course, our system will meet and exceed those concerns by delivering clean clear water from every faucet in the home.

Join all of those people who are getting great deals and taking control of the water quality in their home. Who knows how long this will last? 949.644.1800 or visit  We’re doing our part to help in these strange times.

Check out this video: