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Lower IQ scores in kids exposed to fluoride water

There is good reason people are concerned about fluoride in their water.  More and more studies are released each year with devastating findings.  Last year there was a study linking exposure to fluoride during pregnancy to ADHD symptoms in school-age children.

This year a New Zealand government funded study has revealed that drinking fluoridated water while pregnant can be linked to neurological damage in the fetus. This damage can cause dropping IQ scores.

The world’s premier pediatric journal (JAMA Pediatrics) has published a new government-funded study, Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring, confirming our worst fears, linking exposure to fluoridated water during pregnancy to lowered IQ for the developing child.

The editors express how “very concerning” and “startling” the evidence is against fluoridation, and how the neurological damage is “on par with lead.” They praise the high quality of this study, and call for additional NIH funding of more fluoride research.

Most importantly, they recommend that pregnant women avoid drinking fluoridated water – something Fluoride Free NZ has been saying for many years.

We find this and other studies on par with what we have felt for years.  Fluoride is not good for us.  If you search the internet, you will find tons of articles about the dangers of fluoride.  And we have to wonder why it is still used considering how much bad press it gets.  The current study is backed up by previous reports.

And this study does not stand alone. It confirms previous findings by Bashash et al. in 2017 and Thomas et al. in 2018; that low levels of fluoride during fetal development will cause cognitive impairment, as well as over 300 animal and other human studies indicating fluoride’s potential to damage the brain.

We are hoping fluoride as well as many other water contaminants will eventually be removed from our water supply here in California. In the meantime, you can remove most of it using a sophisticated fluoride filtering procedure. It is expensive but worth it.

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