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Reverse Osmosis UPDATE What Some Healthcare Professionals Say Now

Rick what’s the latest we hear from the healthcare community regarding purified water and reverse osmosis systems?

Reverse Osmosis UPDATE What Some Healthcare Professionals Say Now

Not a lot has changed.  The healthcare community in general is looking for water that has some natural mineral content in it and reverse osmosis systems contrary to that philosophy strip the majority of the minerals out.

The healthcare community is also looking for water that is at least slightly alkaline. In some extreme cases high alkaline.  

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Reverse osmosis systems by nature, by their process, create an acidic water, which is something none of us wants is the acidity.

This is very similar for purified waters in bottles and once you have an acidic water in a plastic bottle you’re leeching chemicals into that water from the plastic just compounding your issues.

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So still it is better to do purification when you do reverse osmosis it needs additional stages to add back minerals, natural coral and calcium and magnesium.

And bring the pH up to at least a 7.5 slightly alkaline rating.

And bottled waters are probably better to be purchased in the mountain spring categories like Fiji Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead.  So uh take care on that.

If you’re doing reverse osmosis, don’t buy a generic system. Deal with somebody who can give you the right parameters and set the water where you want it with the natural mineral content and the proper pH in play.

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Here is Why RO Systems Must Use A Multi-Layer Alkaline Component

Reverse osmosis systems, by virtue of the process, create a water below 7.0 so it is acidic. The answer is to remineralize and adjust the pH to at
least a neutral level, but more beneficially to an alkaline result. The
best RO systems that accomplish can use a natural process in the final
stages to achieve pH anywhere from 7.5 to 10.5.

Premium Alkaline Filter remineralizes the water after passing through reverses osmosis.

I personally prefer water that is slightly alkaline for my family – pH 7.5 – 8.5. The most alkaline water I would drink is 9.5, but never on a regular basis. Many health experts tout 9.5 – 10.5 pH, but I can’t find science enough to convince me to go that far away from neutral, especially on a daily basis.

Here is what they look like inside a case.

UPDATE: Reverse osmosis drinking water systems can be re-mineralized. Rick Allen uses a re-mineralizer on own home drinking water system and says it works wonderfully.

Overall look at the Pure Elements Water system. 1:30 starts the RO segment of the video

A lot of clients come to me referred by their health centers and
health experts. These experts are saying we need to get away from using reverse osmosis in our drinking water. And one of the reasons they are saying this is because reverse osmosis systems help create an acidic water PH.

Experts feel that because cancer and disease tend to thrive in acidic environments, it would be better for us to refrain
from drinking acidic water.

Secondarily we need to keep the beneficial mineral content in our
water. Reverse osmosis often strips better than 90% of the minerals from the water it produces.

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And thirdly from an environmentally stand point, reverse osmosis
wastes a lot of water in order to create a small amount of filtered
water. We end up creating additional wasted water every time we get a glass of RO filtered water.

There is a much better system to use than reverse osmosis when it comes to treating and conditioning the water we drink and bathe in. RO is not practical for those applications.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems Plus Remineralization

We don’t always add purified drinking water systems at the sink, but there are certain conditions where these are suggested.

In these cases, we begin with the core technology of reverse osmosis (RO) and enhance from there.

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Health care professionals and educated consumers have primary concerns about RO technology – the RO purification process itself creates water that is acidic and devoid of minerals.

This is the case for all generic RO systems.

This is how Reverse Osmosis works.

We address these issues by adding back natural coral calcium and magnesium while adjusting the pH to slightly alkaline, the preferred choice of experts.

Our special systems also provide far-infrared benefits and an increase in oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), ensuring the healthiest and safest drinking water possible.

Reverse osmosis does require maintenance because without it, it ceases to work correctly or at all.

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