Cleaning a Pure Elements Water Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

We’re going to show you now, how to clean the core in one of our exterior catalytic water conditioners.

First, you need to break the seal on the unions so that you can remove the core. This will require a pipe wrench and a pair of channel locks.

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It’s best to disconnect the unit at both ends with both unions so you can easily slide the core out for cleaning.  The core will slide out of the body with the serial number end at the top.

Clean the Catalytic Water Conditioner Core

The second step in this process is to clean the catalytic water conditioning core.  This is best done with a mixture of muriatic acid to water.  So we fill our bucket up with about four gallons of water and we add one half a gallon of muriatic acid to the water to clean our core.  Obviously be very careful in handling muriatic acid. Be sure to wear eye protection and follow all the instructions on the bottle.

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Next, we are going to dip our catalytic conditioning core into the muriatic acid and water solution.   Again, pay attention to the warning labels on the muriatic acid and follow all instructions

With the core in the murky water and muriatic acid mixture, we found that it’s best to leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes for a proper cleaning.   

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After soaking in the muriatic acid and water for about 5 minutes, you’ll notice of core returns to its natural color of grey.   Be sure to thoroughly rinse your core with clean water prior to reinsertion.

This car is now clean and ready to be reassembled into the conditioner.   Also, be sure to dispose of your muriatic acid and water solution properly with regard to codes in your own area. 

Before reassembling the catalytic conditioner into the copper body be sure to use Teflon tape amply on the threads for a complete seal.  Make sure when you put your Teflon tape in place that you cover the entire lip to create a proper seal and for ease of re-installation.

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Taking note that the serialized end is the inlet. Refer to the sticker on the body for the proper flow direction.  Note the arrows on the sticker for help with flow direction.

Once the conditioner is back in place, the tank can be reattached and you are finished.

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