What About Counter Top and Under Sink Drinking Water Systems

The Pure Elements Water HealthyHome Solution is designed for people who own their own home and/or have access to the incoming water main.  It will filter all the water coming into your home.

However, what do you do if you do not own the place you live?  Can you still effectively filter the water?

Yes and No.  You can filter your drinking water and water you use for cooking but not your shower water.  We do not recommend the little shower water filters.  They do not make enough of a difference to bother with them.  They are too small to handle the amount of water run them and remove enough chemicals to justify their expense.

However, if you do not own your home but would like to filter your drinking water, we recommend two types of filtration systems.

You will taste the difference and receive the benefits from either one of these filters immediately after installing them.

The first recommended drinking water system is the under the counter reverse osmosis system.

This type of system will remove just about all contaminants your water supply might contain.  They remove even fluoride from the water.

You can learn more about how RO systems operate by searching them on Youtube.  There are a lots of different videos explaining how these operate at different levels.

This is what they commonly look like.

Hydrotech RO

We can install these systems for you.

The reverse osmosis systems we install include remineralization with coral calcium and magnesium, pH balanced to slightly alkaline, between 7.5 and 8.5. **Do not buy a generic RO system.  These will produce highly acidic water.  Plus, all the minerals are stripped out.  You want those minerals.  They are good for you. Calcium is the main mineral.

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The second recommend drinking water system for non-home owners is the large carbon block type water filter.

These can be either installed on top of the counter or under the sink utilizing a dedicated dispensing faucet.  You can read more about our recommended filters of this type on this page.

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multi-pure 1

We do not manufacture, sell or install this type of counter-top system.  You buy them and put them in yourself or hire a plumber to do it for you.