Dana Point water filter

Dana Point & Capistrano Beach – Best Water Filter for these Cities

Do you need a Dana Point water filter that is custom designed to filter out your water district’s specific contaminants?  That is exactly what the HealthyHome Solutions house filtering system is set to do.  This unique filtration product works as a high quality filter and softener.  In addition to removing chloramines, chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and numerous other contaminants found particularly in Dana Point and Capistrano Beach water,  makes use of a copyright protected model of a salt free water conditioner.

This conditioning product, which no other whole house water or water softening company can use, has successfully removed hard water issues for over 30 years now. It has proven to be an effective and a more conscientious alternative to the common water softener.  What makes it a more conscientious choice for people who are ecologically minded is that it conditions water without salt.  Conditioning is a process that gives similar results of water softening but does not soften water at all. However, because conditioning does not utilize salt, there is not salty back flush that is causing so much harm for the environmental wetlands.   And water treatment plants are not taxed to capacity trying to remove the salt, which has proven to be difficult and costly.  The water HealthyHome Solution performs water filtration, removes hard water issues and is safe to drink.  This home water filter is proven to safeguard your dishwashing machine, refrigerator, faucets, sinks, showerheads, other appliances, and most importantly your plumbing.

Of paramount importance to Dana Point and Capistrano Beach residents is that this water filtration system can help prevent copper pipe pinhole leaks.  This area and much of Orange County have been plagued by pinhole leaks, which are allegedly caused by high levels of chloramines in the water supply.  Removing chloramines and eliminate repiping costs or expensive epoxy pipe lining.  Our filter will save many clients thousands of dollars in the long run.

Another appreciated bonus of this filter system is that it operates automatically.  Once the timer is set, the filter backwashes, cleans the media and exposes new surface area.  This refreshes the media in the tank and allows it to function at a higher capacity.  It also prevents backwashing water filters and a good reason to avoid those types.

Furthermore, since our filter automatically back flushes itself, you do not need to service the filter, but once every 7 to 10 years depending on use. Therefore, you save on the filter replacement costs that you would experience with canister, under the sink, countertop and non-backwashing filter systems.  It is a lot cheaper in the long run as well as more convenient to own a whole house water filter.

Pure Elements Water also offer the experience that comes from being in the custom water filtration business for over 30 years.  We help our clients achieve their water purification goals, whatever those may be.   Therefore, we also offer water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water systems for customers that want those options.  Those components can work together in harmony in a hybrid filtration system.  However, knowing how to put these elements together takes know how.

Along this line, the filter media used and the order it is layered in the tank is of crucial importance.  Most companies do not pay attention to this factor because they either do not want to do it or do not know about it.  Pure Elements use proprietary media in conjunction with traditional media in a specific order inside the tank.  Each layer compliments the next because each layer is exposed to the water in an order that allows the following layers to extract contaminants at its full capacity.  Our engineers thoroughly researched this procedure and it has become one of our trade secrets.  It truly measures the difference between a fully functioning filter or a less than optimal tank full of carbon.

This little trade secret is just one of many secrets Pure Elements Water has learned and used over the years in order to give our customers a service and product superior to our competitors.