If You Want to Know What’s Really in Your Water – Do Not Order DIY Water Test Kits on Line!

We were contacted by a Laguna Beach client, after installing one of our systems, with reports of water tests results  with pH of 6.0 (highly acidic) and 30-50 parts per million of lead.  

The pH is extremely acidic and would not be something we would consider as healthy for consumption over time.

This lead level is devastating to health over time – The maximum “Action Level” is set at 15 parts per BILLION with a health goal of zero.  

The client bought a do it yourself (DIY) water kit that was providing completely inaccurate results in many of the line items on the test strips. 

In fact several categories on the items list show measurements in the wrong register (parts per million that should be parts per billion, for example, and pH is not measured in parts per million.

We tested water from our HealthyHome whole house filter and salt free conditioner, our purified remineralized slightly-alkaline drinking water system, Kroger brand purified bottled water and the raw city water.

The real results were stellar from our systems, with pH levels about 8.0 (slightly Alkaline) and perfect balances of mineral content. 

The test strips showed over 75 parts per million in the purified bottled water, which tested with 0 parts per million. 

The purified water tested at 38 parts per million (natural coral calcium we are adding back for health and flavor), yet the test strips showed more than double the parts per million actually in the water and attributed the majority to lead! 

Fact:  the city water contains no lead, and our systems reduce or eliminate lead when present.

We have seen test strips marketed for years, but these strips are notoriously inaccurate and in many cases cause false alarm or are used as a tool to sell home water systems (the reason they are supported by the old school water treatment industry).   


If you really want a non-biased list of what is in your water from an EPA certified laboratory, order a test kit online directly from National Testing Laboratories at www.ntllabs.com or www.watercheck.com

When you get your results, send them to us and we can recommend the appropriate system for your specific water quality needs.

Pure water filter test done in Laguna Beach CA