Fluoride filters

Fluoride Filtration in Anaheim Hills

This is a custom whole house water filtration and conditioning system with fluoride filtration installed in Anaheim Hills near Orange, CA. It has proven very effective at removing fluoride as you will see in the test below.

One tank removes fluoride, arsenic and chromium 6 or Hexavalent chromium. The latter poison and carcinogen is well known because it was what the Erin Brockovich film was about.

Complete fluoride filter system
Anaheim Hills fluoride filter was set in the landscape.

In addition, a secondary tank removes chlorine, chloramines, organics, pesticides, odors, tastes, and colors. It is a very powerful  house water filter system in a house where there is some very serious disease. We are doing everything we can to protect the family from the incoming chemicals and contaminants in the water.

In this particular application, there was no room to put these tanks, these tanks are actually seven feet tall total. Therefore, as part of what we do in terms of our custom installations we were able to excavate down four feet and bring the tanks down into the dirt. That way we could get them at about three feet total.

You will also notice the camouflage paint to help the tanks blend into the landscape. At Pure Elements, we pay attention to aesthetics whenever possible.

The system has a lot of handling capacity.

The capacity handling of this water filter system is impressive. The chlorine removal is in excess of 3 million gallons and fluoride removal is in excess of 2 million gallons. Other contaminants have different individual levels or removal and reduction.

The independent water test that was done on these was done by National Testing Laboratories to confirm that we had very effective removing fluoride. That is an especially sensitive component in this particular case due to the health issue in this home.

Click on the test photo for a larger picture in order to see the filtering fluoride test results.
Filtering Fluoride Test Result