Fluoride test on Newport Beach water filtration system

Fluoride in Water – Newport Beach – Removal and Test

When dealing with health issues and a concern about toxic fluoride in the water, it is a good practice to validate performance and self-monitor any fluoride filter for effectiveness.  Pure Elements embraces the chance to have independent testing to see how well our filtration systems have done at removing fluoride from water.

We often test our fluoride filters, which is the case here.  These tests help build our client’s confidence in the operation of our filters, and allow for proper maintenance to insure continued performance.  This is even more critical when clients are dealing with, or have had, serious health issues such as cancer.

The goal is to provide the very best barrier for chemicals, toxins and harmful impurities which need to be removed or reduced to levels that will not interfere with their recovery.

Installing high functioning filtration systems for our clients is our primary focus.  Independent laboratory testing helps guarantee peace of mind for our clients by insuring that their systems are providing protection from critical contaminants at state of the art levels of performance.

Independent Water Test for Fluoride(Click on image to see larger.)

Here is a copy of a test completed on a Newport Beach, CA home , which has a whole house fluoride water filter.  At the time of this test, the system had been in operation for 6 months.

The client has had several bouts with cancer and recognizes the serious concerns about fluoride in their tap water.  A well respected Orange Country (Costa Mesa) healthcare provider referred them to us, and we were happy to help them achieve their goal to filter  fluoride out of their drinking, cooking and bathing water.

The testing was carried out by National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. of Cleveland, Ohio.

The test indicates that no fluoride was found to be present.  The level of detection for the fluoride in this lab test is at .01 parts per million.

Fluoride filters in Irvine

This is significant, because water in Newport Beach can contain fluoride at levels as high as 1.3 parts per million.  For someone experiencing health issues, this could be cause for concern.  We all should be concerned about fluoride in our water, especially those with compromised immunity systems.

As people learn more about the dangers of fluoride, they are realizing it needs to be removed from the water for all uses in their home living environment (or better yet, we need to stop dosing everyone by adding this pharmaceutical drug to our tap water).  There is no reason for fluoride to continue to be put in our water, especially in the toxic forms our municipalities are using.

Contact us for more information regarding fluoride levels in your water, and help with the most effective protection available as the water enters your home.

Do you want to know more about just how dangerous fluoride is, and why it is so important to have removed from your water?  Check out this link to a scientific paper by  Dr. Richard D. Sauerheber, a leading specialist in the fight against fluoridation of our tap water.  We encourage you to Google his name for even more information – This is eye-opening!