Irvine CA Water Problems – How To Address Them Properly

Pure Elements Water has been helping new homeowners in the Irvine community of Altair address their water quality issues. Altair Irvine includes 10 communities (Estrella, Meridian, Aurora, Solstice, Celestial, Lumiere, Eclipse, Solano, Alara, and Starlight) with homes from 2,500 to 6,600 square feet. Lennar and Toll Brothers are the builders. Homes have 1.25″ to 1.5″ water mains, based on up to 8 bathrooms.

Remove or Reduce hard water in Altair neighborhood Irvine CA 92618

The variations in size and water demand require custom whole house water filters and conditioners in these Irvine CA neighborhoods. That is why Pure Elements Water manufactures and installs the best water filter for Irvine CA homes. No generic systems can properly address the needs of these new homeowners, many with large families. The water quality also poses challenges. Water in the Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) has high levels of chloramines (chlorine and ammonia combined), as well as other unwanted contaminants. The water also has high levels of calcium, creating hard water scale issues that can damage fixtures, appliances and tankless water heaters.

Pure Elements Water whole house water filters and salt-free conditioners solve these Irvine water problems in the new homes because they are custom-designed and properly sized for the ways each home is used.

Crystal Clear Water for Altair Communities Irvine CA 92618

Starting by always matching the incoming pipe size and not reducing, we protect pressure and volume. Many generic systems decrease at the inlet/outlet by 50% or more, and even further internally. This downsizing is equal to putting a tourniquet on the water line – if too extreme, even taking a shower can be a problem.

Here is an example of a competitor’s IMPROPER installation of a water softener. This is horrible and common in the Irvine CA area. If you’re current water filter or softener has these sized down fittings, you got ripped off.

These systems contain the appropriate filter media to address the chemical load in the IRWD water, and the proprietary salt-free water conditioner solves Irvine hard water problems, reducing cleaning chores and protecting appliances, fixtures and the tankless water heaters from hard water damage. The salt-free water conditioning process is environmentally friendly, favored by IRWD over outdated salt water softeners, and there is no slimy feeling.

Best water filtration system Irvine CA – Altair 92618

Pure Elements Water’s specially trained technicians also pay close attention to detail on each installation. Pipe sizes are matched, the finest materials are utilized, and pipes are leveled with special bracketing for a secure result. These specially designed water systems resemble pieces of art in each garage.

Don’t make the mistake of suffering inferior water quality, loss of pressure and unsightly installation simply to save a few dollars. Optimum water quality comes with a fair investment; With Pure Elements Water you’ll be happy your family can enjoy the very finest water quality for all uses throughout the home.