Irvine whole house water filters

Irvine Whole House Water Filter Systems – Customized for Homeowners

This Irvine water filter Product is the HealthyHome Solutions. It is a quality custom built whole house water treatment filter by Pure Elements Water. It has a number of features.  Primarily, it performs filtration to remove impurities such as chloramines, pesticides, chlorine, numerous chemicals and organics.  In addition, it eliminates or drastically reduces hard water by utilizing a proprietary salt free water conditioner. Pure Elements Water have been installing systems that include this device for over 30 years.  No other water filter companies have this exact conditioner.  With its large surface area it has proven to highly effective at removing hard water and makes an excellent alternative or replacement for a traditional softener in Irvine.

It is environmentally green. No salts are expelled into sewers and ultimately to the ocean.  Local sewerage treatment plants are not overwhelmed either and this has become a problem for many cities.  In fact backwashed water can be rerouted to irrigate landscapes with this filter. There is no salt to worry about.

The main reason people get soft water is to remove hard water because it can do damage to copper pipes, appliances and fixtures.  A softener does this by using harmful salt.  However, a softener does not perform any filtration on its own.  Our water treatment systems give you the benefits of removing hard water, such as protecting your pipes, washing machines and faucets as well as it filters the water of all the contaminants.

Of special importance to Irvine homeowners is the removal of chloramines, which our system will do.  Chloramines are being blamed for the rampant increase in pinhole leaks in copper pipe that are happening to people all over South County – Orange County.  Removing chloramine could prevent the customer from having to order epoxy pipe lining or worse, get all their copper plumbing replaced in Irvine.

Another cosmetic plus to our system that new clients often rave about is the slimed or a slippery sensation that comes from water using a water softener is eliminated with our system.  You will feel clean and not like you cannot get the soap off your body.

Another benefit to the HealthyHome Solution water filtration and treatment filter is unlike a softener, you can safely drink the water.  With our filter you do not need to buy a separate drinking water system like reverse osmosis unless you want to.  And you will save money by not having to buy bottled water.  You can enjoy healthy, clean water from every faucet, tap or shower.  Softeners produce water loaded with sodium that it is not wise to drink.  This is especially true for people with health concerns.

Our water filter needs little attention.  It is a set and forget system.  However, it stays busy because one of its most important features is it automatically backwashes itself.  This keeps stagnant water from forming and also stops channeling within the media.  The media get jostled about and then resettles.  This in a sense energizes it because the new surface area is exposed.  This allows the media to again work on the contaminants with a fresh face so to speak.

The backwashing also delays maintenance because the media ends up lasting longer.  No service will be needed for 7 to 10 years under normal use. That means no filter changes as you must do every 6 months to a year for canister, counter top or under the sink water filters. Plus, those leak at the valves so you are sparing yourself all that extra headache by using our whole house filter.

The last advantage to our water filter system is you get our 30 years of experience in the water filtering business.  With the help of our engineers, we have discovered secrets that only Pure Elements Water implements.

One such trade secret is how we utilize proprietary media in conjunction with more common media.  Some water companies just toss everything in the tank, but this is wrong.  Our engineers discovered that the media needed to be lined up in just the right order so that when the water “sees” it, each type of media can handle its specific contaminant best.  By removing some contaminants ahead of others, it makes for higher filtering efficiency. This helps the media last longer as well.  It makes a huge difference and none of our rivals use this knowledge.  We do not know why because the customer benefits immensely from this added procedure.

Properly ordering the media is one of Pure Elements Water tricks and all the more why we feel our product is superior to competitors. We have put the time in from a design and engineering perceptive to make certain these filters are the best water treatment systems on the market.