Itchy Skin Condition Eliminated by Laguna Altura Water System Installation

Pure Elements Water has been providing quality whole house water filtration and salt-free conditioning systems in the new communities of Cortona, San Remo and Siena in the Community aptly named the Village of Laguna Altura, located in Irvine, California.

Home sales have been strong, and word is spreading quickly as families occupy the homes that the water can be greatly improved with our HealthyHome Solution systems.

One happy family of four is enjoying chemical-free water in their new Sienna home, and has experienced beneficial results immediately from the installation of the system.

There was a skin condition experienced in the home from the time the family moved in, most dramatically affecting the father. His condition presented itself with numerous discolorations resembling spots, all of which were itchy and some of which became physical sores. Within two weeks of Pure Elements Water system installation, the condition greatly improved. The itching went away, the sores healed, and the discoloration is subsiding remarkably.

While Pure Elements Water are not medical practitioners and cannot make health claims, logic says that chemicals in the water were exacerbating this skin condition, and the HealthyHome Solution system effectively filtered those chemicals from the incoming water supply.

Another concern is pinhole leaks in copper plumbing, which are being attributed (at least in part) to chloramines. The local municipality serving Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) supplies contain substantial amounts of chloramines.

The Pure Elements Water systems are designed around the water quality issues of each homeowner and community, and this has led to a high demand for these systems in Laguna Altura communities.

If you live in (or are buying) a home in the Laguna Altura community in Irvine and want to experience the same benefits the client above enjoys, please call (949) 644-1800 or email us today.