Shady Canyon water filter

Shady Canyon Water Filtration Installation Controls Hard Water Without Chemicals

Here is one of our HealthyHome Solutions, which we feel is the best whole house water filter available. This particular filter was installed in a large Shady Canyon home in Irvine, California.  We filmed this short video as the whole house water purification unit was being prepared to be installed in this home in the heart of Orange County, California.

The HealthyHome Solution water filter provides exceptional drinking water filtration.  This filter will remove chemicals and odors throughout the whole house.  It will improve the water taste by removing organics, pesticides, and many heavy metals.  It means you can have great tasting water from every faucet in the house and not just one specific faucet.  And of course, it covers the water going to your bath and showers which is where much of the damage to your skin and soft tissues from chlorine can be done.

Home water filter systems offered by our competitors do not have secret component this particular product contains.  This popular filter contains a catalytic water conditioner that is our proprietary unit that is an alternative to salt-based water softeners.  This water conditioner will reduce the hard water issues throughout the house without the use of salt, potassium or any chemicals.  It reduces hard water more naturally and therefore does not cause any problem to the environment.   This whole house water filter is considered environmentally friendly because of that fact.

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