Ladera Ranch water filters

Ladera Ranch Home Water Filtration Requires Unique Filtering of Chloramines

This Ladera Ranch water filter is the HealthyHome Solutions model by Pure Elements Water.  It is an unique home water filtration system.  It gets rid of the chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, bad organics and bad tastes common to Ladera Ranch water.

However, what makes it really different is it uses a proprietary apparatus known as a salt free water conditioner. There is no device the same as this one.  Furthermore, we have had this water-conditioning converter in operation for about 30 years now. It has actually proven to be a remarkable alternative to the typical water softener. It is entirely environmentally safe. No salts are unloaded into sewer systems via storm drains and afterwards into the ocean.  Back wash from this water filter and conditioner combination can be set to deliver safe clean saltless water to landscapes or anywhere else you want it to go. There is no salt!  Plus, the water does not give off that slippery sensation that you obtain from water that has been softened with salt.  And there is the added advantage that it supplies water safe to drink because there is no sodium in it. This whole home water filter is extremely effective at shielding your fixtures, plumbing system, and home appliances from damage by hard water.

For Ladera Ranch residents it has the added benefit of removing chloramines, which are being linked to costly pinhole leaks.  With this filter and conditioner in place there is a good chance it will prevent pinhole leaks from occurring.

This is a totally involuntary water filter system. You do not need to do anything.  Among our most principal features to this filter is that it cleans itself by automatically back washing. There is never a problem with inactive water with this tank or with what is called media channeling. These are not concerns due to the fact that the media is cleaned up. This ends channeling and exposes a lot more surface of the media given that it is reseated.

Additionally, the need for system maintenance is prolonged by this back washing process.  Most Pure Elements Water whole house water filters do not need maintenance more than one every 7 to 10 years. There are no under counter filters or canister filters to change out. There are leaking valve troubles to solve or clogged up hose pipes to fix. You get the solutions and benefits all in one water system package and it covers the whole house.

Another crucial factor is the custom-made media, which is inside this water filtering system. Several of the media used are hard to get while other media used is common. Nonetheless, the most important part is the method in which the media layers are set up within the container. It is the order in which the water “sees” the media that is decisive. It is essential for appropriate elimination of pollutants the water sees the media in the right order. Pure Elements Water researched this with our engineers and scientists to discover how critical and effective this works. This order makes a massive distinction and yet our competitors do not know of it or do not make the extra effort to use the knowledge. It makes all the distinction in how successful the water filter functions.

This media sequence is one more of Pure Elements Water secrets and another factor why we offer a superior item. We have put in the time from an engineering standpoint to make certain that our home water filtration system functions at the extremely highest specifications.