Laguna Hills whole house water filter

Laguna Hills House Water Filtration Removes Contaminents

What is special about a Laguna Hills water filter set up by Pure Elements Water all about? It is a specific whole house water filtration. Not simply does it remove all the chemicals, pesticides, chloramines, organic material, chlorine taste and odor it also makes use of an exclusive variation of a salt free water core component. No one else marketing water conditioners has this conditioning instrument. Furthermore, we have actually had this water-conditioning hard water converter for some 30 years now.

The unit has proven to be a phenomenal option to conventional water softeners. It is entirely eco-green. No salts are transferred into sewer drains then into the ocean, landscapes or environment anywhere by using this conscientious water filter. There is no salt added to the process of eliminating hard water! You can utilize the eco-friendly back flush and safely water your landscape if you would certainly like. Plus, you do not obtain the slimy or slippery sensation that you obtain from water that is using a standard water softener. And there is the included bonus that it supplies drinking water that is sodium free too. This filtration & water treatment system will protect your plumbing, and devices from hard water damage. This has become increasingly important to Laguna Hills residents recently due to the overwhelming number of reported copper pipe pinhole leaks discovered by homeowners.  This epidemic is believed to be caused by chloramines, which the Pure Element Water filter removes.

This is a completely automatic water filter system. A vital function of this house filter is that it backwashes itself, which keeps the media fresh. There is never ever a trouble with stagnant water with this filter because the insides are flushed.  This also prevents media channeling, which is common to lessor water filters that do not use a backflushing cycle. The biggest positive is that new surfaces of the media are exposed to the water making it even more effective at contaminant removal.

Furthermore, as a result of this automatic back washing, you will not need to service the filter for a minimum of 7 to 10 years. This is not the case with common countertop, undersink and canister water filters. These all need frequent maintenance and attention or they become completely ineffective.  Plus no point of use issues need be dealt with like leaky or blocked hoses. With our whole house water filter a big benefit is never having to think about it.  It just silently works and you receive good clean high quality water.

One more essential detail is the special media, which is inside this water filtration system. Several of the media used are proprietary. Some of the other media is traditional in nature.  A mix is used but equally important is the approach used in layering the media layers within the tank. It is the order of how the water “views” the media that makes the media more effective. When the water is exposed to the media in the appropriate order a higher volume of contaminant removal can be achieved. Our competitors do not recognize this difference or they cannot be bothered to use the knowledge. Yet taking the time and effort to use this technique makes all the difference in the world.  Our engineers have proved that it works.

This media order is but one of Pure Elements Water secrets and another reason we offer superior service and product. We have actually put in the time from a design and engineering perceptive to make certain that our house water filtration system operates at the extremely highest requirements.