Laguna Niguel house water filters

Laguna Niguel Whole House Water Filtration Removes Costly Trouble

If you wish to remove water contaminants and pinhole leak causing chloramines, you should consider a Laguna Niguel water filter.  Pure Elements Water makes the HealthyHome Solutions product, which is a high quality custom water filtration. It is a whole home water filter that does more than filter your tainted tap water. While it takes out all the chlorine smells and tastes, chloramines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nasty organics, it additionally conditions the water.  This process removes hard water, but does not soften it.  What this means is that not salt is used.  The exclusive salt cost-free water conditioner replaces the need for a water softener.

And the Pure Elements Water filter is the only product on the market using this device. Moreover, we have been using this proprietary conditioning converter for 30 years now. It has proven to be a phenomenal choice for clients who want an environmentally friendly choice in hard water removal. No salts are deposited in sewage system drains and afterwards into the sea.  The excess water is safe for landscapes or any other use. There is no salt in this system!  Plus, you do not obtain the slimed or slippery feeling that you get from water run through a softener. And of course, another benefit is you can drink the water right out of the faucet because it has no salt in it. It is not wise to drink water from a softener as it has too much sodium. This filter system is helpful in securing your fixtures, plumbing system, and home appliances from hard water damage.

In addition, in Laguna Niguel there has been an increase in copper pipe leaks.  It is believed that chloramines in the local water are causing the pinhole leaks to occur in this area.  This water filtration system can be installed as a preventative measure for it removes those chloramines and other harmful contaminants.  It can be viewed as a less costly alternative to re-piping or epoxy pipe coatings.

One of our most essential features of this filter is that it backwashes itself, which keeps the container clean. There is never a problem with stagnant water with this tank or media channeling, which can render the carbon and other media useless. These are not issues due to the fact that the media is cleaned by the backwashing. This gets rid of channeling and exposes much more surface of the media given that it is shifted about.  This is all done automatically so you do not have to remember to do anything.  No buttons to push or timers to be set once the system is programmed.

Maintenance of this house water filter system is infrequent.  The backwashing is so effective, in most cases, maintenance will not need to be done for 7 to 10 years.  That is a far cry from the frequent maintenance needed for under sink, canister, counter filters or other small drinking water systems.  Those need to have their filters changed every 6 months to a year or they cease to do any filtering at all. And with those types of filters you may have to replace a filter for every faucet or shower.  Your benefits and solutions are abundant with our house water filter systems because everything is handled from a single location.

Now let us discuss customized media. The Pure Elements Water HealtyHome Solution product uses several types of proprietary media combined with some more common types of media.  What makes this combination so effective is how we layer the different media together.  Our engineers have discovered that by letting the water “see” the media in an exact order, it enables the media to function more powerfully in contaminant extraction than it normally would.  This is a critical point of difference between Pure Elements Water and our competitors.  To our knowledge, no competitor uses this concept.  Either they do not know about it or do not want to spend the extra time it takes to provide this service.   It makes all the distinction in exactly how potent your water filter works.

This media order concept is one more of Pure Elements Water secrets and another reason we have high quality water filters. We have put in the time from an engineering point of view to see to it that our custom water filters offer the highest performance.