Maintenance for CrystalClear Water Filter Systems

Hi, this is Rick from Crystal Clear Water in the Coachella Valley. It’s a wholly owned brand of pure elements water out of Newport Beach. I wanted to talk to you briefly about the required maintenance to keep your Crystal Clear Water System operating at optimum. These systems need an oil change or a minor service at the three to four-year mark. A second minor service at the seven to eight-year mark. And a full service where everything is replaced and brought up to new at the 10 to 12-year mark. And then you start that 12-year cycle over again.

There are no water systems that can continue to operate and effectively reduce chemicals and reduce hard water issues if you do not maintain them properly. And this schedule has become more conservative because of the many changes in water quality we’ve seen in the Coachella Valley over the last 10 years. So, if you’ve had our system for a while and you have any questions about service or maintenance, please give us a call. Thank you very much.

HealthyHome Whole House Water System
Preferred Maintenance Schedule

In order to insure optimum water quality, your CrystalClear Water  HealthyHome Whole House Water System requires minimal attention. Proper filtration and conditioning is maintained with the following Service Program schedule:

3 – 4 Years Interim Service $477.00
7 – 8 Years Interim Service $477.00
10 – 12 Years Major Service* $1,677.00
12 Years Repeat Service Program N/A

Monthly Amortized Cost of Maintenance: $18.27
Interim Service:
• Remove and Replace Tri Chamber Redox Apparatus
• Clean Internal Catalytic Conditioner
• Check System Operation
• Provide System Startup
• Reprogram as Necessary to Most Conservative Settings
• Clean Exterior Conditioner, Add $79.00

Major Service:
• Remove and Replace Tri-Chamber Redox Apparatus
• Remove and Replace Surface Modified Catalytic Media
• Remove and Replace Pharmaceutical Grade Coconut Shell Carbon
• Remove and replace Commercial Grade Gravel Support Media
• Clean Internal Catalytic Conditioner
• Clean Exterior Conditioner (If Applicable)
• Check System Operation – Replace Any Parts needed to Insure Proper Operation of Valve
• Provide System Startup
• Reprogram as Necessary to Most Conservative Settings
• Extended One (1) Year Warranty on all Parts and Labor
• Clean Exterior Conditioner, Add $79.00

* Major Service returns System to operating as new. System is capable of accepting new and different media to remain focused on the current water conditions as they may change over time.

*Last Update 2017.