Water Filter Installed in Harbor View Homes – Newport – Tastes Better than Bottled

Here is another beautiful Pure Elements house water filtration installation in Newport Beach, California. This installation resides on one of the Port Streets in the Harbor View Homes community – the HealthyHome Solution was expertly tucked into the homeowner’s garage cabinets. This environmentally sound water filter and conditioning system has a 12-inch diameter tank and stands feet tall. It fits perfectly inside the owner’s the 17-inch by 6-foot cabinet.

HealthyHome Solution filter model
HealthyHome Solution house filters the entire home.

The HealthyHome Solution water filter system in this home has an estimated filter capacity to remove chlorine and contaminants from 2.25 million gallons of water. The owners of this unit will not need to replace the filter media for a very very long time. These whole house water filters usually only need media replacement every 10 years. That is in typical conditions.

Proper maintenance schedule to keep the filter running at premium levels.
Whole House Water Filtration – Newport Beach
Filter is hidden from sight in a cabinet.

This is one of pure Elements’ HealthyHome Total Property Solution systems. One more special feature of this water filter system, not found in any other systems, is a proprietary catalytic conditioner on the main water line. This water conditioner is located directly behind the meter and provides benefits to the landscaping, water features, and the salt pool in the backyard. This salt-free conditioner helps the water percolate better to plant roots. Staining on spillways and fountains will be reduced. In addition, the heating unit, pumps and plumbing of the salt pool will be protected from hard water buildup and costly maintenance.

After a taste test with the owner, we confirmed the filtered water straight out of the kitchen sink tasted better than their Sparkletts bottled water! Now they get healthier, high quality water directly from every faucet in the home, without the extreme cost and environmental problems associated with bottled waters.

Contact us for more information regarding the many ways the HealthyHome Solution can help you solve your water quality issues.

Harbor View Homes community in Newport Beach CA