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Newport Beach Water Filtration Solutions for Residents

This Newport Beach water filter system is the Pure Element Water HealthyHome Solutions unit.  It is a unique whole house water filter.  Not only does it remove all the chemicals, odors, tastes, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, and organics but it also uses a proprietary version of a salt free water-conditioning product.

Nobody else on the market has this conditioning product.  Moreover, we have had this water-conditioning converter for about 30 years now.  It has proven to be an exceptional alternative to traditional water softeners.  It is completely environmentally green.  No salts are deposited in sewer drains and then into the ocean, landscapes or anywhere else from this water filter.  There is no salt!  You can use the eco-friendly back washed water and safely irrigate your landscape if you would like.  Plus, you do not get the slimy or slippery feeling that you get from water that is using a traditional water softener.  And there is the added benefit that it delivers clean sodium free drinking water.  This house water filter is very effective at protecting your fixtures, plumbing, and appliances too.  It just helps reduce hard water issues in general.

This is a fully automatic water filter system.  One of our most important features to this filter is that it back washes itself, which keeps the tank clean.  There is never a problem with stagnant water with this tank or what is known as media channeling.  These are not issues because the media is back washed. This eliminates channeling and exposes more surface area of the media because it is moved around.

In addition, because of this automatic back washing, you will not have to service the filter for at least 7 to 10 years.  There are no under counter filters to change.  There are no point of use problems to solve like leaky or clogged hoses. You get the benefits and solutions on a total property or whole house basis.

Another key point is the custom media, which is inside this water filtration system.  Some of the media is more proprietary while other media used is common.  However, the big secret is the method in which the media layers within the tank.  It is the order of how the water “sees” the media.  It is critical for proper removal of contaminants the water sees the media in the right order.  This order makes a huge difference and yet our competitors do not know about it or do not use it.   It makes all the difference in how effective the water filter works.

This media order is another of Pure Elements Water secrets and another reason why we have a superior product.  We have taken the time from an engineering standpoint to make sure that our whole house water filtration system functions at the very highest standards.