Water filter for Corona del Mar

Corona del Mar Home Water Filter Exceeds Expectations

This Corona del Mar house water filtration system was installed by Pure Elements for a client in the Irvine Terrace community.  The plumbing was rigorous – the main 1” copper water line had to penetrate a cinder block wall, be installed below grade running through two planters, under a 4’ concrete/brick walkway, through a garage wall and back to the original water main the same way.  The client spent over 3 years researching, comparing and meeting with water companies to determine the best choice for their goals which included the healthiest water possible, hard water reduction without the use of salt, and water that satisfied their taste equally as well (or better) then their Arrowhead bottled water.

The installation took 10 hours – and Pure Elements’ superior installation technician was able to get everything back in as good or better condition than before we started.  This Orange County couple also had concerns about being Green and minimizing wasted water, so we created a special manifold that allows the clean backwash outflow to water the plant life in the front.  As an added benefit, the flowers and greenery are now thriving because they are enjoying the filtered water from the backwashing process, and water is being reused rather than going down the drain.

Here’s what the husband, who was the hardest family member to convince of the benefits, stated once the system was in and operating:  “Your installer did a very professional job, neat and clean. The water tastes great and honestly, I think it tastes better than Arrowhead .  As you know I was very skeptical and now I might be your best customer!  Thanks for exceeding my expectations.”

One more added benefit from this HealthyHome Solution whole house water filtration and conditioning system, in the words of the wife:  “Love the water system!  One surprise is how soft my Golden Retriever’s fur is after her bath!  The clothes seem softer too. Thanks!”

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