Home Filter Installation with Custom Twist in Crystal Cove – Newport Coast

This installation of a house water filter system was a little different.  Here the Pure Elements’ specialists are converting an old fashioned water softeners to our salt free, specialty HealthyHome Solution system.  In this Crystal Cove home in Newport Coast, CA we are eliminating the salt brine tank, converting the water softener to our HealthyHome Solution and adding our custom fluoride control component.  This system features our 1-1/2” through high flow brass control valve and stainless steel outer.

We start by removing the water softener head to allow us to replace the water softening media, a golden resin that appears like caviar,  using a special process that allows us to empty the contents of the tank completely before converting the system into our HealthyHome Solution Whole House Filter and Conditioner.

 With our special combination of four filtration media and proprietary salt free catalytic water conditioner we are able to effectively remove chemicals, contaminants and some heavy metals while also substantially reducing hard water problems without the use of salt.  Great care is taken in the conversion process to introduce the finest parts while rebuilding or reusing components when possible to save our clients’ money.

Here you see the newly converted HealthyHome Solution system, ready to be installed and provide exceptional water quality.  Attention to detail in installation plays a key part in achieving a quality result with a custom home water system.  Master pipe fitting expertise, especially in the fabrication of rigid copper plumbing, is something that Pure Elements takes great pride in providing for our clients.

This special HealthyHome Solution System with Fluoride Control Component is ready to deliver the very finest water quality for the discerning homeowner.