Water filter for Castaways neighborhood Newport Beach

Another New Home Water Filter System Installed in Castaways

We recently completed a whole house water filtration system installation in the Castaways neighborhood in Newport Beach.  This is a neighborhood that Pure Element’s owner, Rick Allen, originally installed the house water filters for with his previous company Water by Design.

Since the original water filters were installed in the Castaways, new superior technology has been developed.  Pure Elements, Inc. is the leader in eco-friendly  water filtration systems in Orange County.  Our HealthyHome Solution provides filtered water at every faucet (including the bath and shower) while protecting fixtures, appliances, water heater and plumbing from costly hard water damage.

Removal or reduction of chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, pesticides, and many other contaminants achieves provides clean drinking water.  Our systems are salt free, and eliminate the need for costly annual maintenance.  And we currently have numerous new systems and satisfied neighbors in Castaways.

We can convert your old Water by Design or any other water treatment system to our newer technology.  Or we can simply provide quality service for your existing components. We can also upgrade outdated water softeners to our salt free technology.  We intend to become the “Go To” people for addressing water quality issues in your local Newport Beach neighborhood, with your help.

Please contact us with questions about our HealthyHome Solution, upgrading or servicing an existing system, or to learn about our exclusive Total Property approach to clean your water.

This installation included the salt free water conditioner, which is installed to the main water supply.  The new vault was added to shelter the conditioner.

The whole house water filter nestled out of the way inside the garage.  The last step was to turn the water filter on and let it run.

Another easy and quick water filter installation in Newport Beach by Pure Elements.