Prevent Pinhole Leaks – Guarantees

What’s the story with chloramines and pinhole leaks?

Well, epidemic amount of pinhole leaks that are happening in Southern California. Specifically, in South County areas of Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Talega, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, and Capistrano Beach.

Copper pipe on left suffering pre-pinhole leak conditions
You can easily see the “Pimples” in the picture on the left side where the water enters the house from the main public supply. These hard mass bumps are alleged to be a primary cause for copper pipe pinhole leaks. They allegedly start because chloramines interact with something in the copper. It doesn’t take long for them to eat through a thin piece of copper. You can bet they will cost a lot of money to repair or replace. In contrast, notice the right outlet side of the pipe is virtually pimple free. This is the water treated by the Pure Elements’ HealthyHome Solution water filtration and conditioning system. This is only after 3 years of treatment.

“We oversaw independent lab tests on our water. The chloramine and disinfection byproducts results were perfectly clear (none detected in our samples).  This has validated the performance of our new system – it’s working even better than expected.”
Steve and Emily B;  Ladera Ranch, CA

More Independent lab testing results from 8 different test sites.

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*Pinhole Leak Guarantee for a
{Please read carefully.}
Two (2) Years from Date of Installation

*Pinhole Leak Guarantee for the
{Please read carefully.}
One (1) Year from Date of Installation


The additional amount of ammonia that’s been added in the imported water is reacting with the copper pipes to create pinhole leaks, which aren’t discovered immediately. They tend to seep and spray a little bit and once their damage is exposed it is extremely costly and it’s a big insurance problem.

Pinhole leak starting in copper pipe.
Pinhole leaks start small but get much bigger and cause $1000s in damage.

So what’s happening now is insurance companies tend to be paying the first claim and possibly the second claim, and then we’re seeing them actually cancel homeowners after that. And the homeowners are having to find much more expensive insurance to get coverage.

Copper pipe being blocked by scale.
If the scale is allowed to continue, it does not take long before you have pinhole leaks, clogged pipes and will need to replace them. It is a massive job and very expensive. Prevention and protection against pinholes and scale is a better alternative.
Hard water scale destorys plumbing.
Hard water scale eats away and clogs pipes.

We are able to remove the chloramines are playing in the pinhole leaks by filtering out that chemical out on a whole house basis. So that is probably the most cost effective and best approach to help protect yourself the scourge of the pinhole leaks. And the damage and problems that come along with them.