Here is What We Know About PEX

After suffering pinhole leaks, many homeowners consider whether they should repipe their homes with PEX. While plumbers love PEX because it’s fast and easy to install, maybe it is not the right choice for you.

PEX has been found to have several potential health and installation issues you will want to be aware of. Even if you replumb with PEX, the water can contain hazardous chemicals that break down the pipe and taint your drinking water. Only a good whole house filtration unit can help keep these chemicals to a minimum.

Read through the articles below and get fully informed about PEX before you make a decision.

PEX Plumbing Failures
Good information about the History, Failures, Chlorine Oxidation, Sunlight Break Down, Permeability, Chemical Leaching and Lawsuits involving PEX.

Types of PEX Tubing
Article that discusses the different types of PEX with a nice list of PROS and CONS to each type. Some PEX types leach more chemicals than others.

Gasoline Smelling Water
Purdue University – Drinking Water Odors Caused By Chemicals Leaching From Plastic Pipes (PEX).

PEX Under Scrutiny – Researcher Discover Plastic Plumbing Can Contaminate Drinking Water
“If consumers had access to information about leaching per brand, then market forces would do the work to clean up manufacturing processes and the products.”

PEX Pipes and Drinking Water Quality
This is the First US Study Detailing the Impact of Multiple PEX pipes on Drinking Water Quality.  PDF of study.

The Affects of PEX on Water
Scientists Question the Potential for Leaching Chemicals into Tap Water.

Risks Posed by PEX article about Potential Environmental, Health and Economic Risks that PEX Poses.

Journal of Water and Health article abstract on Volatile Organic Compounds
“Odor from some of these pipes could negatively affect drinking water for up to 1 year.”

Insurance Companies and PEX
Other Concerns and Hazards About Installation of PEX Plumbing