Simple Fix to Solving the Ladera Ranch Pinhole Leak Problem

Here is a recent testimonial from a Ladera Ranch resident who was dealing with pinhole leaks.

“After experiencing the cost, damage and annoyance associated with in-house copper pipe leaks, I started research to discover an effective, long-term solution. My goal was to prevent future pipe leaks and improve the overall quality of our household water. This research led me to Pure Elements. After meeting with Rick Allen, CEO of Pure Elements, I was convinced that the Pure Elements filtration system was by far the most effective, long-term solution to my problems. Our Pure Elements team is professional, courteous and responsive. Since installing the system, we have not experienced any further issues with our pipes and our water quality is fantastic. The system works and is providing us everything that was promised. The Pure Elements system is a requirement on all future homes I own.”
Mark W. , Ladera Ranch, CA

Ladera Ranch chloramine filter removes hard water issues and the chloramines that are believed to be causing the pinhole leaks.