Laguna Niguel house water filters

Laguna Niguel – Beach Home Address Chloramines for Protection from Pinholes

Pure Elements just completed a custom HealthyHome Solution Total Property water system in an estate in Laguna Beach, California.  The special 2” commercial whole house filtration system handles incoming water for the 11,000 square foot estate, providing exceptional  water quality for drinking, cooking, ice, bathing and showering, swimming pool and water features, and landscape irrigation.  In addition, our proprietary version salt-free catalytic water conditioners help to protect the tankless water heaters from hard water scale buildup and damage, as well as the appliances, plumbing and fixtures.  Construction on the home has spanned 2 years, with multiple design changes along the way.  Pure Elements was able to adapt to the changes and ultimately install a Total Property System to meet the very specific needs of the homeowner.

The estate includes our fully automatic whole house water filter that is custom designed with a focus on addressing chloramines, currently the culprit being blamed for pinhole leaks in copper pipes throughout southern California.  South Orange County has been specifically targeted with epidemic numbers of pin hole leaks, causing millions of dollars to damage to thousands of homes.  Most whole house filters are not effective in removing chloramines – it requires a special mix of media and system design to achieve the desired result.

This system also incorporates a central reverse osmosis system at the request of the homeowner that provides true bottled quality water to multiple point of use throughout the house, including icemakers and a drinking water fountain on a deck outside one of the bedrooms.  In addition, we are feeding the client’s ionizers for the best results in high pH (alkaline) water, which is their personal preference for healthy water consumption.

The home sports panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from most every room, and is a masterpiece.  Our HealthyHome Solution Total Property system will provide exceptional water quality for all uses throughout the estate property, offering a healthier and more convenient home lifestyle for the owners.