Mission Viejo Pinhole Preventing Water Filter in Action

This Mission Viejo client first had a service come out and attempt to fix his leaking pipes with epoxy.  However, that did not work so they did a regular copper pipe fix.

While that fixed the immediate problem, he wanted a more long term fix and that’s how he found us.

Here is what he told Rick Allen in a letter.

“Dear Rick,
As you may recall, my wife complained of our flooring being warm in two places.  After an investigation, I found that I had a hot water leak in my slab so I contacted a plumber through “Yelp” who had high ratings and fixes leaks with an epoxy repair process.

They came out right away and determined the leak was between my hot water heater and my laundry room.  They attempted to fix the leak with their 95% “fix the leak or pay nothing” track record.  They couldn’t fix the leak with their epoxy repair process, but did fix the leak by doing a good old copper pipe repair.

While I was researching possible remedies, I came across your whole house water filter system that removes the chloramines from the water .  I didn’t find any other companies that focused on this type of filtering, but I did find several plumbers stating that the water filter system I buy needs to address the chloramines and not just filtering out various contaminants or making soft water.

I’m confident your proprietary system will do the job of keeping my home pinhole leak free.  Your technicians did a very professional job of installing the system.  I will recommend your system to all of my neighbors.

Bob S.”