Pure Elements 30 years experience in whole house water filters

Rancho Santa Margarita Water Filters Use Custom Media For Better Results

If you are looking to buy a Rancho Santa Margarita water filter system, a good option would be the chloramines.  The latter has recently been blamed for pinhole leaks in copper pipes throughout Rancho Santa Margarita and Orange County areas.

The salt free. No salts are transferred in sewer drains and into the sea when our unit backwashes.  There is no salt involved in the conditioning of your water! You can make use of the eco-friendly back flushed water and water your landscape safely. Plus, the slimed or slippery feeling the water has when using a water softening system does not occur with the use of our conditioner.  Clean, fresh, healthy, great tasting water to drink is produced because it is sodium free. Moreover, it is cheaper and better for the environment than bottled water.

One of the biggest added benefits for homes of Rancho Santa Margarita residents using these house water filters is the prevention of pinhole leaks.  The filters remove repiping your home or using epoxy pipe lining. This water treatment system is really effective at safeguarding your appliances, plumbing system, water heater and fixtures too. It aids in reducing hard water problems on a total property level.

Another great and crucial feature about this water filter system is it runs automatically. The filter backwashes itself, which keeps the tank media fresh and energized.  Stagnant water is never allowed to form within the filter because the carbon and other media are routinely shifted in place.  Media channels, a common occurrence with the non-backwashing feature exposes the new surface area of the media, thereby making it more effective for a longer period of time.

As a matter of fact, as a result of this automated undersink and canister filters, which can require filter replacement per faucet and shower about every six months, you do not need to worry about maintenance.   Also, because water filtration is handled on a total property basis, all the connections, and point of use valve leaks common to other types of water filters, will never be an issue.

Possibly the reason you will have better results with this filtering system than others is because we use custom media mixed with traditional media.  Some of the media used is proprietary, but really it is the way it is lined up with common media that makes this the best water filter for local water in Orange County.  Our engineers discovered long ago that the water must “see” the media in a specific order for the media to be most effective.  By taking the time to build the media layers correctly, we have found our filter to remove contaminants for a longer period of time.  This is a huge priority for us so we can deliver the best possible chemical elimination for our clients.  The media order makes a substantial distinction between us and our rivals who do not use it.

Media selection and order are just two of Pure Elements’ secrets and an additional reason we have a superior product serving better results for our clients. We have put in the time from a design viewpoint to ensure that our home water filtration device operates at the highest level.