Fabulous Review From Vista CA Home Water Filtration Installation

Great review that just came in from a whole home water filtration installation in Vista, CA. Thank you so much.

“There are a thousand reasons to consider water filtration systems: No #1 has to be health.

In researching the typical and much advertised off the shelf products one thing that struck me was … how can one system best fit all family cases?

I discovered Pure Elements, read their history, interest in progressive technologies, health services, support of cancer foundation and a plethora of interesting white papers all journal scientifically.

When one’s passion is physically addressing “… chemicals in the bath and shower … as well as throughout the home…” I realized Pure Elements is one of a kind, their foundation was born out of a sense of community and they seem bound to solely providing the best in class water filtration products available.

I made the investment, my family is ecstatic about the difference: my home, my crystal-clear ice cubes, my pool, our environment now fully protected by Pure Elements … their product guarantee unsurpassed, no other product comes close.

Last thing: I did not want to submit praise or a stellar ‘Yelp’ write up until a few months had gone by and I had confirmation and proof of my investment.

Once again, I invited Rick to my home in Vista where he conducted a full-on test comprising of all waters drawn from indoor faucets, outdoor spigots, shower heads, etc., all the waters my family is exposed to in our home. He actually took the time off his business to submit to his passions and insure our confidences.

The picture below is my proof:

Best Whole Home Water Filter Vista CA
Vista CA water filter test

The one on the right is from Pure Elements, re-mineralized purified filtered water, retaining a level of natural coral calcium and magnesium, the PH value was custom adjusted to the slight alkalinity my family requested. The taste is incomparable.

The one on the left … is just that … ‘left’ not ever again.
Pure Elements … best in class … best investment ever!”

RE – Vista, CA

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