San Juan Capistrano water filter

San Juan Capistrano House Water System Equals Filtration & Purification Perfection

These pictures are of a San Juan Capistrano water filter recently installed for a client.  The model featured is the unique HealthyHome Solutions. It is a distinct whole house filtration unit.  While it filters out all the chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, and organic contaminants, the owner of this house water system additionally benefits from a proprietary and complimentary conditioner. Other water companies cannot use this conditioning product. Only Pure Elements have access to this device and has been installing it into homes for over 30 years now.

This special conditioner has proven with great success to eliminate the effects of hard water. And unlike a traditional water softener, it does not use salt.  This makes it very ecologically friendly. Our environmentally minded clients love the fact that their hard water issues are solved without the use of harmful salt.  Therefore, this water filtration system expels only salt free water into sewers or can be safely routed to landscape.  No heavy bags of salt need be put into the system.  There is no slimy or slippery sensation of the water that is typical when a water softener is in use.  The drinking water is cheaper than bottled water and many say it tastes better than bottled.  Great tasting water is conveniently delivered via every faucet in the home and it is safe to drink because there is not extra sodium in it.  Plus, all the negative effects of hard water scale are solved on a whole house basis. Plumbing, appliances and fixtures are all protected from mineral build-up.  And water in your home is filtered, which water softeners do not do by themselves.  They only make the water soft.

What is especially beneficial to San Juan Capistrano residents is the fact that this whole house water filter removes repiping an the entire home.  It is a great alternative in solving the OC pinhole leak problem.

One feature our customers really like about our whole house filter is that is is fully automatic.  The filter is programmed and backwashes itself, which keeps the media and water from going stagnant. The media is automatically moved around inside the tank so that fresh sides of its surface area can be exposed.  This re-energizes the media so it can again work at full capacity.  Plus, the backwashing is included or you will need more frequent maintenance.  Our water filter needs maintenance only once every 7 to 10 years.   Our clients love this perk.

Another crucial point has to do with our use of custom high quality media in conjunction with common types of media.  Pure Elements’ engineers have discovered that by using high quality proprietary media with traditional media in just the right sequence within the tank, delivers a more efficient contaminant removal than without these considerations.  This is of vital importance to the water filter functioning at an optimum range.  We have yet to see any water treatment competitor use this technique.  Whether they do not know about it or cannot be bothered to take the extra steps it requires to do this service, we do not know why they do not use this knowledge.  However, this is another reason Pure Elements has more exceptional products that will safely guard your family and home from harsh water issues in the Orange County area.