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Irvine CA Water Problems – How To Address Them Properly

Pure Elements Water has been helping new homeowners in the Irvine community of Altair address their water quality issues. Altair Irvine includes 10 communities (Estrella, Meridian, Aurora, Solstice, Celestial, Lumiere, Eclipse, Solano, Alara, and Starlight) with homes from 2,500 to 6,600 square feet. Lennar and Toll Brothers are the builders. Homes have 1.25″ to 1.5″ water mains, based on up to 8 bathrooms.

Remove or Reduce hard water in Altair neighborhood Irvine CA 92618

The variations in size and water demand require custom whole house water filters and conditioners in these Irvine CA neighborhoods. That is why Pure Elements Water manufactures and installs the best water filter for Irvine CA homes. No generic systems can properly address the needs of these new homeowners, many with large families. The water quality also poses challenges. Water in the Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) has high levels of chloramines (chlorine and ammonia combined), as well as other unwanted contaminants. The water also has high levels of calcium, creating hard water scale issues that can damage fixtures, appliances and tankless water heaters.

Pure Elements Water whole house water filters and salt-free conditioners solve these Irvine water problems in the new homes because they are custom-designed and properly sized for the ways each home is used.

Crystal Clear Water for Altair Communities Irvine CA 92618

Starting by always matching the incoming pipe size and not reducing, we protect pressure and volume. Many generic systems decrease at the inlet/outlet by 50% or more, and even further internally. This downsizing is equal to putting a tourniquet on the water line – if too extreme, even taking a shower can be a problem.

Here is an example of a competitor’s IMPROPER installation of a water softener. This is horrible and common in the Irvine CA area. If you’re current water filter or softener has these sized down fittings, you got ripped off.

These systems contain the appropriate filter media to address the chemical load in the IRWD water, and the proprietary salt-free water conditioner solves Irvine hard water problems, reducing cleaning chores and protecting appliances, fixtures and the tankless water heaters from hard water damage. The salt-free water conditioning process is environmentally friendly, favored by IRWD over outdated salt water softeners, and there is no slimy feeling.

Best water filtration system Irvine CA – Altair 92618

Pure Elements Water’s specially trained technicians also pay close attention to detail on each installation. Pipe sizes are matched, the finest materials are utilized, and pipes are leveled with special bracketing for a secure result. These specially designed water systems resemble pieces of art in each garage.

Don’t make the mistake of suffering inferior water quality, loss of pressure and unsightly installation simply to save a few dollars. Optimum water quality comes with a fair investment; With Pure Elements Water you’ll be happy your family can enjoy the very finest water quality for all uses throughout the home.

Stellar Review of Pure Elements Water pinhole leak protection Service

Below is a recent review of our service regarding preventing pinhole leaks in copper plumbing in Irvine, CA from reoccurring. These folks did a lot of research on how to best handle their plumbing issues and that’s why they came to us.

“RICK, NICK, & the PURE ELEMENTS WATER company are a pleasure to work with.

My home had a pinhole leak about 1.5 years ago. We had the leak fixed, but have since been concerned about the high possibility of another pinhole leak occurring, especially since this is any issue for many of the homes in our area. For about 1.5 years now, my husband and I have been researching options, including PEX or the EPOXY lining. We even had several companies quote us for both PEX and EPOXY.

Water filter remove chloramine in Altair neighborhood Irvine CA 92618

We know of several individuals that have repiped their home with PEX, however felt this option was too aggressive, since this would create multiple holes throughout our entire home. Furthermore, after researching the pro/cons of PEX and although certain companies did provide a good warranty, we felt that at this time PEX was definitely the most aggressive option, especially since we had a functioning copper pipe system at this time.

Another option we debated was EPOXY lining of the existing copper pipes. This was a more conservative option to PEX. However most of the companies that had provide us with quotes did not provide a warranty that stood behind their work — meaning if the epoxy failed and there was a leak — the best warranty we found was a company that would fix the leak at no charge, but collateral damage was not covered. Which to us meant that they were not confident that there would not be another pinhole leak after the EPOXY lining.

It seemed that both PEX and EPOXY were addressing the damage caused by chemicals in the water, mainly chloramine. BUT neither addressed the main cause: the water chemistry — the chemicals in the water itself that are causing the damage.

Older video but gives a good overview of our systems that get installed in Irvine.

In search for a more conservative option to PEX, we actually found PURE ELEMENTS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM. The website, the information I found online, and Rick the owner, helped me understand that their water filtration system actually addresses the main cause — the chemicals (mainly chloramine) that are causing the damage to the copper pipes, leading to the pinhole leaks.

I contacted Rick on the YELP app, and he responded right away, and I was able to speak with him on the phone that day for more than 1 hour — and this was on a weekend day (not a weekday!) Rick was extremely knowledgeable, informative, friendly, and attentive It was obvious that he had a lot of passion and experience about water.

After the conversation, Rick agreed to meet in person with my husband and I, and was even very accommodating with the meeting time. When he arrived to our house, he was on time and spent over 1.5 hours educating us. He helped us realize that his filtration system is NOT like all other filtration systems out there, because his filtration system is actually customized to address the type of water and chemicals coming into your home in your community.

After reviewing the pro/cons of all our options, my husband and I decided to move forward with the PURE ELEMENTS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM.

On the day of installation, Nick from the company came to build us a customized set up for our home and for our custom built Pure Elements Water Filtration Tank. Nick was friendly, efficient, and his work was very clean.

Rick (the owner), Nick, and the entire Pure Elements Team have been nothing but helpful and accommodating.

We look forward to now having drinking water from each faucet, as well as removal of the chemicals from the water, that have been the source and cause of the pinhole leaks. When there is a problem, it only makes sense to address the cause first. We feel that installing the Pure Elements Water Filtration system is the most conservative and logical way to approach this widespread pinhole leak issue.

Thank you Pure Elements Team for your help and great customer service.”

Pure Whole House Water Filtration System Irvine CA

Great Whole House Water Filtration Review Irvine CA

We decided to install a water filtration and purification system because

1) we wanted to prevent pin hole leaks (we had one a few years ago) and

2) our bottled water delivery service increased their prices significantly, two times.

We had estimates from other companies but we bought Rick Allen’s Pure Elements Water system on the spot because he obviously knew more about water and each specific water district in Orange County than anyone.

Going back several years when we had a pin hole, we treated it with an epoxy system that took care of part of our home.

After the treatment we noticed we could not get much water pressure from the entire master bath portion of our home.

In August of 2019, we installed the Pure Elements Water filtration system near the front of the garage. It only took one tank to service our home. Not much space was given up at all!

Custom Whole House Water Filtration System in Irvine CA
Custom Whole House Water System Irvine CA

We installed a water purification under our kitchen sink and have a separate faucet for drinking and cooking water. What a difference!

After about three weeks our water pressure in the master improved!

Next we saw differences in the efficiency of our dishwater. Dishes came out much cleaner!

I noticed a difference in the laundry, less stiff towels and clothing.

Our purified water tasted so much better than anything we had ever tried.

The most amazing change however was something we did not expect. I’ve had some illnesses for 22 years and trouble with brain fog. Starting around three weeks using filtrated water, my brain fog started to lift. Since October of 2019, I no longer have brain fog!

Previously to installing our new water system I had difficulty cognitively deciphering a spoken sentence. There was an odd lapse of time that was not normal and I said “what” all the time because of the lapse. It is GONE!

In my younger years before technology and my illness, I was a walking dictionary, remembering names, numbers etc. I lost that ability for over 20 years but it is back COMPLETELY.

My husband feels he has more brain clarity in his normal work day also. It is all due to the water!

Buy it. Improve your life!

Janis P. Irvine CA

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Use a Home Water Purifier in Irvine California to get Clean Water

Tap water just isn’t good and hasn’t been for some time.  We here in Irvine California as well as across the United States are being told that our drinking and bathing water is clean water but it really isn’t.  And we can no longer rely on the government to take care of us or fix the problem.  They might get it fixed some day but for some of us, it might be too late.  That’s harsh to say but there is truth to it.  Take it from someone who has done so many positive things for his health and yet still ended up in the hospital for 6 days after getting a colon tumor the size of a ping-pong ball removed.  (Note: This cannot be proven to be water related and I doubt it is on its own.  The combination of quality food and water as well as the environment definitely played a part in helping my condition grow.  And I’ll tell you after going through this experience, I will do everything in my power to never go back in the hospital again.  It is not a place you want to be.)

So we need to take personal charge of ourselves and our children’s health because no one else is capable.  And one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is take into our bodies the best cleanest water we can get by using a home water purifier.  After all our bodies are made up of 80-85% water so why wouldn’t we want that water to be the best quality?  If you had a Ferrari, would you fill it with cheap oil and fluids?  If you did that, how long do you think it would last?  Why would you do anything less for the body that keeps you alive on this planet than put the best safest water into it?

Water isn’t just water.  There is good and bad and that is what this blog is going to inform you about and discuss.  There are solutions to getting the best quality water and many are cheaper than you think.  And some of the water solutions you think are cheap are actually the most expensive out there.

Upcoming posts and articles will be touching on:

How better health through good water can provide a healthier living environment inside and outside the home.

Using a home water purifier, filter, treatment system is becoming critical and there are many reasons why this is so.

Why we must minimize reliance on plastic bottles and how to achieve quality water that meets or exceeds the standards for bottled waters, without the toxic bottles.

We’ll tell you how to achieve a water cost savings which will provide an economic benefit.

Plus we’ll discuss how to be Green conscious and help protect our environment through the use of leading edge technologies that benefit our environment and landfills.

We’ll also be exploring the many different aspects of quality water control through water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis, and whole house water filtration systems.