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How To Choose The Best Water Filter For Your Home With Rick Allen

Today we have a quick note to go and check out this podcast episode Rick Allen did with Med School For Moms.

This is a great episode for Moms but it is really important for everyone to hear.

The finest custom whole house water filter in Newport Beach and all of Southern California.

Dr. Elana interviews Rick Allen, owner of Pure Elements Water, who is an expert on water filtration. This topic can often feel overwhelming and confusing yet it is so important that we knew an episode dedicated to answering common questions was necessary!

When Dr. Elana and Steph bought their homes, installing water filters was one of their FIRST priorities! They each had many questions, took hours upon hours to research the best quality, and now want to share this important info with you!


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Several Water Filtration Systems Installations in Southern California

Today we are going to share with you an array of different systems we have installed.

These are all custom whole house water filters because that is what we specialize in.

First photo – Pure Elements takes pride in custom installations. No other company offers such attention to detail in working with piping and locating systems in tucked away, hidden spaces.

Best Orange County CA water filter.

High flow commercial total property system in Monarch Bay in Laguna Beach. System addresses all domestic hot and cold water, swimming pool, water features and landscaping.

Whole house water filters Laguna Beach – Dana Point CA – Monarch Bay Community

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Beautiful commercial grade installation of a Pure Elements Water whole house water system in a tight equipment area, with a tankless water heater and humidifier.

Whole House Complete Filtration System Orange County CA

Commercial 1.5″ Pure Elements whole house water system in the equipment area of a large estate home in Tustin. Healthier water for bathing, cooking and drinking. Hard water problems addressed without salt, and copper pipes protected from pinhole leaks. https://youtu.be/FsW66RUx0fU

Best Hard Water Purifier For Home Tustin CA 92780

Tricky HealthyHome filter/salt-free conditioning system installation in a shared closet with washer, dryer and water heater. This Aliso Viejo water filtration system sits in a leak pan with a leak detection safety device. This house is protected from further pinhole leaks and the owners are enjoying exceptional water quality throughout.

The finest custom whole house water filter in Aliso Viejo and all of Southern California.

Challenging Laguna Beach water filter installation! Pure Elements Water whole-house system inside laundry closet. 2nd floor installation includes double-safe, moisture sensing leak detectors. A work of art!

Custom home water filtration system in Laguna Beach CA

This HealthyHome Solution system custom designed and installed by Pure Elements Water in La Quinta in the Coachella Valley. Whole house filtration and salt free conditioner for this family!

Pure Elements Water filter installation in La Quinta CA

If you are interested in seriously improving your house-hold water, please Call Us Today. Let’s talk about what we can do to help you.

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This high flow water filter installation is a 1.5″ commercial Total Property System in La Quinta for a large estate home. The whole-house filtration and salt- free water conditioning beautifully filters all the water entering the home, reduces hard water issues and waters the landscape with healthy clean water.

Pure Elements Water Total Property System installed La Quinta CA

This newer conditioning technology is recommended instead of a water softener because it is environmentally friendly, salt-free and healthy! There is no salt-discharge and you can drink the water from any faucet.

Plus a water conditioner require much less maintenance than a water softener. No heavy salt bags are used.

Call us and ask us questions about water conditioning today. We think you’ll like what you hear. Or check this link for more information. https://pureelementswater.com/conditioner-vs-softener

And check out this series of videos we have produced all about water conditioning: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYMwqWRKlFLi_tqBisfF4_fo7IKB57GmY

The Problem With Bottled Water

What’s in your Bottled Water? We ask people this question all the time.

People know there are issues with tap water but bottled water has issues too.

Although this is a Canadian video from 3 years ago, it exposes just one issue with bottled water in top brands like Aquafina (Pepsi), Dasani (Coke) and Pure Life (Nestle).

Do we think micro-pieces of plastic, consumed every time a bottle of water is ingested, could be a contributor to health problems like cancer?

Why not create your own bottled quality water in your home, without the added plastic…

Our state of the art water filtration systems remove so much worry about your drinking and bathing water.

We use independent lab testing and not DIY in home test kits to prove how well our water filters perform.

What is Important to Know about a Whole House Water Filtration System?

Hi. This is Rick from Pure Elements Water. I just want to take a moment and quickly run down the list of six goals that you should have for any whole house or total property water system.

Number one – We’re looking for chemical free bathing and showering.  That’s the single most important thing for health in the home.

Number two – We’re looking for drinking water that is slightly alkaline and has the natural mineral content in place. But it has had the chemicals and the heavy metals addressed.

The important bullet points when shopping to buy a whole house water filtration system.

Number three – We need to address hard water issues throughout the home both for traditional and tankless water heaters. The hot and cold water will flow from every faucet without salt and without chemicals in an environmentally sound manner.

Number four – It’s very important to protect copper pipes from pinhole leaks. We’re very effective at that stopping them regardless of how many may have occurred in the past.  And that eliminates the need to re-pipe or use epoxy linings.

Number five – Is your swimming pool and water features. We want to minimize staining at the water line and protect the pumps, heaters, salt cells and all of the infrastructure there.  

And last but not least, we need to have all of your landscaping have the capability to thrive with less water and less fertilizer. Especially organic things you may be consuming such as fruit and vegetables.

Any good total property water system will address all six of these issues.

We’d love to help you out so go ahead and give us a call today thanks you

Rick can you give us the latest update on PEX plastic pipe?

Sure. We have been watching the PEX plastic, which has been used in California for more than 10 years now.

Let’s discuss the latest information on PEX off-gassing.

We know that all of the brands of PEX are introducing different levels of carcinogenic chemicals, although below the legal limit.  (Legal limits for contaminants in tap water have NOT been updated in close to 20 years!) And these things are getting into the bath and shower water and the consumption water.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PEX-Plastic-Pipe-Health-Update-Orange-County-CA.jpg
PEX Plastic Pipe Orange County CA – Update on pricing and off-gassing.

We also know from a price standpoint that PEX piping has nearly doubled from re-piping a home. 

This makes addressing your water quality conditions with a whole house filtration and salt free water conditioning system much more affordable. You do not need to re-pipe if you change the water chemistry and remove the chloramines that cause pinhole leaks. And do it before you get pinhole leak damage. Prevent them rather than wait to repair them.

Our systems are a great way to save money and avoid the disruption and other problems that come with re-piping with plastic pipes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Orange-County-California.jpg
Pure Elements Water – Best House Water Filtration Systems For Orange County CA

UPDATE – Southern California Solution to Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes is Less Expensive

Rick many people call us looking for the best solution for pinhole leaks. What are their options?

Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes can be stopped by changing the water chemistry inside the home by filtering out the contaminants that cause the leaks to form.

Well, many of these people are being pushed down the standard path toward re-piping the home. They will be told to replace the pipes with PEX plastic tubing, which is still extremely controversial because it introduces foreign chemicals into the water. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic.

Although the chemicals are below legal limits that does not mean much since legal limits have not been updated in over 20 years.  https://www.epa.gov/sdwa.  Just because a contaminant is below legal limits does not mean it is necessarily safe.  We often find out later that it is not but by then the damage is already done. 

We are also not a big fan of PEX plastic pipe because it has about half the life of copper materials. It might only last 25 to 50 years.  It is surprising how fast 25 years can go by.  Copper can easily last 50 to 70 years.  Both will last longer if you change the water chemistry going into them so they don’t break down.  That is what our product is all about.

A water filtration system for house Orange County CA is good to have to filter out what PEX might leach into the water.

Recently the PEX industry has seen a dramatic increase in the pricing, so that used to be the best price choice but it is no longer.

Another approach is to line pipes with epoxy linings, which are resin. Again this introduces chemicals into the water creating potential for health issues.  And there are a host of other issues with epoxy.  It is best used for sewer lines.

The best solution is to fix the water chemistry and stop the attack on the existing copper pipes. When you do this you can maintain your copper pipes in place without the cost or disruption of re-piping. Get the initial pinhole leak fixed and then get our system installed to clean the water correctly and protect the pipes.  You can avoid controversial materials like PEX plastic piping and in addition to that you can enjoy exceptional water quality for bathing and cooking and drinking and all your household water needs.

Check us out for that.  We’re about half the cost of what it takes today to re-pipe a standard home in the traditional plastic piping you.

During These Difficult Times – How Is Pure Elements Water Helping People?

Rick, what is Pure Elements Water during these trying times to help people?

Well, now that we are all hunkered down in our homes, there has never been a more important time to take control of the water quality throughout the home. 

That includes water we are bathing and showering in. And water that we are drinking and cooking with as well as for making ice.  And don’t forget the water for our pets.  Outdoors we need to protect our water features and our plants too.

Pure Elements Water is helping people remove water contaminants and achieve high quality water for drinking and bathing.

So we are helping people address those issues in a not touch manner – following all social distancing protocols, PPE, masking, gloves and sanitizing.

High Quality Drinking Water is achieved by High Quality Water Filtration in Orange County CA

We are doing a lot of phone orders, which is normal for us because we’ve designed and ship systems all across the country for a number of years.

And we are able to provide the very best discounted pricing during these trying times also.

So we are doing everything we can to help the general population enjoy healthier water and a healthier home living environment in these trying times.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Here is Why RO Systems Must Use A Multi-Layer Alkaline Component

Reverse osmosis systems, by virtue of the process, create a water below 7.0 so it is acidic. The answer is to remineralize and adjust the pH to at
least a neutral level, but more beneficially to an alkaline result. The
best RO systems that accomplish can use a natural process in the final
stages to achieve pH anywhere from 7.5 to 10.5.

Premium Alkaline Filter remineralizes the water after passing through reverses osmosis.

I personally prefer water that is slightly alkaline for my family – pH 7.5 – 8.5. The most alkaline water I would drink is 9.5, but never on a regular basis. Many health experts tout 9.5 – 10.5 pH, but I can’t find science enough to convince me to go that far away from neutral, especially on a daily basis.

Here is what they look like inside a case.

UPDATE: Reverse osmosis drinking water systems can be re-mineralized. Rick Allen uses a re-mineralizer on own home drinking water system and says it works wonderfully.

Overall look at the Pure Elements Water system. 1:30 starts the RO segment of the video

A lot of clients come to me referred by their health centers and
health experts. These experts are saying we need to get away from using reverse osmosis in our drinking water. And one of the reasons they are saying this is because reverse osmosis systems help create an acidic water PH.

Experts feel that because cancer and disease tend to thrive in acidic environments, it would be better for us to refrain
from drinking acidic water.

Secondarily we need to keep the beneficial mineral content in our
water. Reverse osmosis often strips better than 90% of the minerals from the water it produces.

Remineralizer installed under sink in Orange County CA

And thirdly from an environmentally stand point, reverse osmosis
wastes a lot of water in order to create a small amount of filtered
water. We end up creating additional wasted water every time we get a glass of RO filtered water.

There is a much better system to use than reverse osmosis when it comes to treating and conditioning the water we drink and bathe in. RO is not practical for those applications.

Orange County CA

Reverse Osmosis Systems Plus Remineralization

We don’t always add purified drinking water systems at the sink, but there are certain conditions where these are suggested.

In these cases, we begin with the core technology of reverse osmosis (RO) and enhance from there.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Health care professionals and educated consumers have primary concerns about RO technology – the RO purification process itself creates water that is acidic and devoid of minerals.

This is the case for all generic RO systems.

This is how Reverse Osmosis works.

We address these issues by adding back natural coral calcium and magnesium while adjusting the pH to slightly alkaline, the preferred choice of experts.

Our special systems also provide far-infrared benefits and an increase in oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), ensuring the healthiest and safest drinking water possible.

Reverse osmosis does require maintenance because without it, it ceases to work correctly or at all.

Whole House Complete Filtration System Orange County CA

How You Feel About Drinking Sewage Water?

Found this article on how we might find ourselves drinking water reclaimed from sewage.

The problem stems from less-reliable precipitation patterns. In other words, climate change is changing our rainfall numbers.

Filtered sewage water is now drinkable

While it sounds horrific to think of drinking sewer water, the filtration technology is available to accomplish the task. “Protecting the Sewershed.”

Personally I would not be comfortable relying on just the water supplies of municipalities to correctly handle this job. Government can fall short of a doing a good job. Remember Flint MI?

Best to have a good whole house water filter system installed too.

Nice video on the idea of drinking repurposed sewer water.

Lesley Stahl drank purified water that had been sewage 45 minutes earlier

If you have not checked out our water filtration system, do so now.

And here is an article on how our systems deal with hard water issues.

If you would like to do more research and see a lot of interesting videos we have done on water quality, water filtration, etc., check this out.

Water Filtration System For House Orange County CA

Article source: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/369/6510/1429