Exterior Total Property Catalytic Conditioner in Costa Mesa

This is Pure Elements’ proprietary Exterior Catalytic Water Conditioner, which is installed on the incoming water main of a special home in Costa Mesa and provides exceptional benefits for the entire property.  This Total Property conditioner (installed as part of a comprehensive system including our HealthyHome Solution Whole House Filter and Salt Free Conditioner) is reducing hard water issues throughout the home, in the pool and its equipment, and throughout irrigation systems.  The salt free conditioning process is exceptional for plant life and landscaping, allowing plants to thrive with less water and fertilizer.  It also helps to reduce scale buildup on the tiles and water spillways in the pool, as well as in water features.

Water Conditioner installed in Costa Mesa

The Conditioner is an alternative to old-fashioned salt-based water softeners, providing a chemical-free approach that is environmentally sound and a green technology.  There is no slimy feeling, and soaps rinse clean of your skin.  Maintenance is very infrequent (a simple cleaning every 5 – 10 years).

This Costa Mesa home also has chickens – The conditioner helps with all of the processes in their pen and provides a healthier living environment for them.