Newport Beach water conditioner

Scary Water Conditioner Comparison Conversion – Newport Beach

This is a no salt water conditioner comparison and conversion in Big Canyon, Newport Beach.

We recently converted and upgraded a competitor’s system to our HealthyHome Solution.  While taking apart the old system we pulled out this unique contraption that was supposedly meant to reduce hard water scale buildup.

We immediately noticed this green growth on the exterior of one of the components, which is directly in the water flow to the home.  We can’t explain the growth on the component, but it appears to be copper related and this is scary.

Oddly enough, the other component shows none of this growth.  We decided to open these components  to see what is inside – Some type of plug or small core inside a copper wire netting.  Very little surface is on the plug.

Newport Beach water conditioner comparison
One plug was worn but the other one was down right pitted. That means whatever is sloughing off it is ending up in the water the homeowner was using. Maybe even drinking.

This what it looks like up close.  When we pulled the second plug from it’s netting, we noted sacrificial and the missing material has been introduced directly into the household water.

Our own proprietary catalytic conditioner utilizes a core with fins and a very large surface area to effectively change the state of the hard water minerals and reduce the problems they create.  This produce is not sacrificial – this is the outside total property version – we also have the version that is built into our Healthy Home whole-house filter system which is without metal housings or components and provides a much higher flow rate when compared to our competitor’s small copper pipes.

Competitors outtake value was rusting into the pipe.
The competitor’s outlet value seems to be bleeding rust into the supposedly filtered water. That should never happen.

We also noted what appears to be iron or rust coming off of the brass fittings, as was evidenced by its presence on the fittings and inside the drain line.  This rust has been traveling into the household as well, which is not good for a system that is supposed to provide protection from contaminants and a cleaner water than is coming from the municipality.  We believe our proprietary conditioner is vastly superior because it is not sacrificial, has 100s of times the surface area of these plugs, has a non-metallic body when used our salt free conditioner has proven performance in reducing hard water issues has been well proven since we developed it and first made it available through all of the major local tract builders in 1982.