This is how a water conditioner operates

Salt Free Water Conditioner – This is How it Works

Water Conditioning is the Salt-Free Alternative to Water Softeners. Here is information on the Pure Elements proprietary Saltless Water Conditioner.

Salt Free Water Conditioner from Pure Elements

The water conditioner reduces calcium deposits by suspending the calcium in the water.  In this way, the calcium cannot create deposit water conditioner’s ability to cut down the calcium.

If you have existing calcium and mineral buildup in your plumbing, water, heater and fixtures, that will likely be loosen and removed as well.  A cleaner heating system will perform more efficiently because of better heat transfer within it.  Thereby the cost of electricity and gas can also be reduced.

The Catalytic Water Conditioner does not change how the water feels or tastes.  Water softeners give water a slimy feel or it makes soap film seem to stay on your skin.  This water conditioner does not do that.  Soap will feel like it rinses off properly.  There will also be no metallic or salty taste to the water.  The water is better for drinking than what comes out of a water softener because there is no salt added to it.

Maintenance for the water conditioner is slight.  The conditioner can be cleaned every 5 to 10 years depending on level of use.  It lasts forever.  No salts or chemicals will ever need to be added for it to work properly.  Therefore, no added costs are needed when the water conditioner is installed.  No salt, chemical, or frequent maintenance costs.

Catalytic Water Conditioners significantly lessen the requirements for soaps, detergents, and cleansers.  Scrubbing lime spots and calcium deposits from fixtures, shower doors, and tubs is much easier because there is little to no hard water buildup.  Dishes look cleaner and brighter.  Residue wipes away quickly without the need for solvents and other harsh cleaning products.

One of the biggest promotional points the catalytic water conditioner can offer is that it is safe and good for the environment.  Water Softeners are not because they backwash salt into the environment.  Plants are encouraged to grow better when a proper conditioner is installed.  In agricultural applications, new technologically designed catalytic conditioners are used to help plants grow faster, healthier and greener because they can improve can improve water infiltration.  Conditioned water penetrates deeper into the soil.  The need for frequent watering can is reduced.  In addition, the use of fertilizers is substantially reduced since the plants get more access to water in order to receive nutrients.