This is a quick look comparison chart of the Pure Elements water filter to other basic types of water systems available. It touches on such items as operation costs, functionality, filtration ability, practicality and legal implications.

Below the chart is a listing of each type of system with PROS and CONS available.

For specific company system comparisons use the drop down menu above under “Comparisons.”  If you do not see a comparison of a competitor’s system, call us and we will talk to you about it.  Many are similar since they are generic in design, which the Pure Elements HealthyHome Solution is NOT.

Pure Elements quick glance Water Filter Comparison Chart

REVERSE OSMOSISExpensive — Cost Per Gallon: $0.18 to $0.25

Removes up to 98% of impurities in tap water
Many cancer patients feel safer drinking this water (Opinion is changing on this though because it lacks minerals needed by patients.  See.)

Whole house systems using reverse osmosis are ultra expensive in price
Even small under sink systems will take up most the space under kitchen sinks
Yearly filter and membrane replacement + maintenance costs for a small drinking water only system from $90 to $280
RO systems on average leak therefore the maintenance costs.  (Leaking is dangerous around hardwood floors where damage can be extensive.)
Aggressive, low pH water
Healthy minerals like calcium are removed, leaving a flat taste
Horrendous Water Waste: 3-7 gallons down the drain to treat 1 gallon
Bacteria build up without constant use
Can experience low pressure and volume issues because they clog

BOTTLED WATERVery Expensive — Cost Per Gallon: $0.79 to $5.00

Generally good tasting water quality

Inconsistently filtered – May be no better than tap water and is tap water occasionally
Plastic bottles are environmentally unfriendly because of the materials used in the plastic, the environmental footprint required in shipping bottled water and the plastic bottle’s inability to decompose.  This is causing a waste problem worldwide polluting landfills and oceans.
Plastic bottles should not be re-used because of bacteria build-up and plastic chemical leaching
Plastic bottles may leach PCB’s into the water
Bottles are heavy to carry from store to car to home
Quality of water is being heavily contested.  See
Some bottled waters are harmful to plants

WATER SOFTENERExpensive — Cost Per Gallon: $0.12 to $0.23
WATER SOFTENER EXCHANGE TANK – RENTALExpensive ($30-$75 Monthly) — Cost Per Gallon: $0.006 to $0.010

Eliminates hard water issues – Soap, laundry and plumbing will benefit
Good for some people with skin conditions

Does not remove or necessarily reduce chemicals, odors, tastes, or colors.  There is no filtering done with this type of system on its own.
Water is Not recommended for drinking because it is salty.  This can prove to be a problem for people on sodium-restricted diets.
Drinking water requires an additional system like RO or another remedy.
Softeners leave a slick, slimy feeling on skin after bathing.  It feels like the soap film never comes off the skin.
Softeners remove calcium, which has health benefits and therefore you may not want to remove it.
Rental system – May require bi-weekly replacement and/or multiple exchange tanks
Requires frequent replacement of salt, sodium, or potassium chloride.  This is an added expense and maintenance.
Rental system – Deliveries may require driver access to garage or exchange locations
May ruin everyday glassware
Not good for pets, plants or pools
Banned in many communities and States due to salt brine backwash.  More legislation is being proposed across the country to ban softeners because of their negative environmental impact.


Provides great tasting, clean chemical & odor free water from every faucet, bath & shower in the home
Excellent for drinking, washing clothes, fixtures, etc.
Effective Service Life 5-10 years depending on usage
Various Sizes Available – Custom System Installation for all types of properties
Custom design allows for removal or reduction of Fluoride, Chromium 6 and Arsenic.
No Regular Maintenance – No Monthly Fees – No Yearly Fees
Does Not Use Salt – Potassium – Chemicals – No magnets – 100% natural Green Environmentally positive
Installation legal in all jurisdictions
Recommended by water districts over salt-based water softeners

Maybe initial cost for some people is a con.  This is not a generic one size fits all water system.  You cannot buy the HealthyHome Solution on Ebay or Amazon.  Each Pure Elements water system is specialized to the specific conditions or concerns our clients have.  We find that when the goal of clean safe water is of great concern to our clients, price is rarely if ever a hurdle to reach that goal.