What is Important to Know about a Whole House Water Filtration System?

Hi. This is Rick from Pure Elements Water. I just want to take a moment and quickly run down the list of six goals that you should have for any whole house or total property water system.

Number one – We’re looking for chemical free bathing and showering.  That’s the single most important thing for health in the home.

Number two – We’re looking for drinking water that is slightly alkaline and has the natural mineral content in place. But it has had the chemicals and the heavy metals addressed.

The important bullet points when shopping to buy a whole house water filtration system.

Number three – We need to address hard water issues throughout the home both for traditional and tankless water heaters. The hot and cold water will flow from every faucet without salt and without chemicals in an environmentally sound manner.

Number four – It’s very important to protect copper pipes from pinhole leaks. We’re very effective at that stopping them regardless of how many may have occurred in the past.  And that eliminates the need to re-pipe or use epoxy linings.

Number five – Is your swimming pool and water features. We want to minimize staining at the water line and protect the pumps, heaters, salt cells and all of the infrastructure there.  

And last but not least, we need to have all of your landscaping have the capability to thrive with less water and less fertilizer. Especially organic things you may be consuming such as fruit and vegetables.

Any good total property water system will address all six of these issues.

We’d love to help you out so go ahead and give us a call today thanks you