Whole House Water Filtration is Different Than Reverse Osmosis System

Fitz: Our friend Rick Allen from CrystalClear Water on the phone with me this morning. Happy Monday, Rick.
Rick: Happy Monday, Fitz.
Fitz: And why can’t I hear Rick?
Rick: I’m here. Can you hear me? I’m here.
Fitz: Rick?
Rick: I’m here. No go here?
Fitz: You there with me Rick?
Rick: I’m here. Can you hear me, Fitz?
Fitz: All right. Now he’s… This is odd. Rick, you there baby?
Rick: Fitz, I’m here. Can…
Fitz: All right. We’ll see if we can’t…
Rick: I’ll call you again. 

Fitz: Oh, I’m doing the wrong thing here. That’s why. That was my bad. Hey, Rick.
Rick: Good morning, Fitz. How are you?
Fitz: I’m good. I’m pushing the wrong buttons here. There you go.
Rick: You need that second cup of coffee.
Fitz: That’s it, baby. Happy…
Rick: Here with Clear Water, of course.
Wendy: I came to walk the klempt [SP].
Fitz: Happy Monday.
Rick: Thank you. Happy Monday to you, too.

Fitz: All right. So Rick Allen, head of Pure Elements Water, the parent company for CrystalClear Home, the water filtration system you’ve been hearing Wendy and I talking about for years. Rick, I’m going to take advantage of Wendy Jayne being in the studio here this morning and have her ask you a few questions. Okay?
Rick: That sounds great.
Fitz: All right. Stand by. Here you go. All right. And Wen did the things. You can come over here and sit here, babe. They don’t care.
Wendy: Good morning, Rick. 
Rick: Good morning, Wendy. How are you this morning?
Wendy: I’m excellent. How are you? 
Rick: Very, very fine, thank you. Ready for another week. 
Wendy: Well, there you have it. You know, it’s always so good to talk to you because you know how much I love my CrystalClear Water home filtration system. And I have to ask you a few questions only because, Rick, when I’m out and about, people ask me these questions all the time.
Rick: Sure.
Wendy: So without getting too technical, tell me why this is different than a reverse osmosis system.
Rick: Well, reverse osmosis is primarily a technology used for drinking water. And one of the big differences is that we are leaving the natural mineral content in place and providing a water that’s slightly alkaline. So reverse osmosis pretty much strips everything out and, in general, creates an acidic water. 
Wendy: Wow. That’s the same thing with salt when you just…if you have a sea salt, you get all the minerals. And if you use regular salt, it’s stripped of all its minerals. So that’s interesting. That’s great. So let me tell you why I love my system so much, Rick. I love it so much because of the convenience because I am, like, totally addicted, you know, to eating organic as often as I can. So when I’m home, and I buy all of these magnificent organic vegetables, I know that I can go to my sink and wash all my vegetables in filtered water. I’ve paid extra money for these vegetables, so now, I’m not tainting them with more chemicals when I’m washing them.
Rick: That’s for darn sure, you know, and the vegetables are very porous. So getting all the gaseous chemicals out before you wash them is very, very important. Real beneficial. 
Wendy: And the other reason why I love it is because I never have to think. When I’m in my house, I want to glass of water. I walk to any sink in my house, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Wherever I am, I can drink the water. I can wash my face. I can brush my teeth. All these things that are very, very important to me as a woman.
I take a shower. I’m a huge bath person, and I love sitting in a tub and knowing that I’m not absorbing all of these chemicals because… Do you know they say it takes only 24 seconds for your body to absorb chemicals whether it’s from the water that you shower and bathe in or whether it’s the creams that you put on your body? So I’m always trying to avoid these toxins as much as I can, and you just make my life so much easier. 
Rick: Well, listen. From a health standpoint, the bath and shower is one of my biggest priorities for more than 35 years because not only are you in your bathtub soaking that in, but these gaseous chemicals and things, many of them that are carcinogenic, they’re in the steam. So you’re breathing them. They come in through your skin, gets exposed, and those things migrate out into the living environment. So while you’re taking your bath, you could be affecting Fitz in the other room, too. So we want to eliminate all of that right at your front door.
Wendy: I mean, we don’t think about these things. But it’s so prevalent in everything we do in life that if we can avoid them, you know, in our own home, why not do it? And I have to say, another great advantage and a peace of mind for me… Because, you know, Rick, in my house, I’m the tool time girl.
And we just moved into a new place and got all new appliances. And, of course, I am concerned about all the lime buildup in the appliances and, you know, my new plants that I planted outside. So I know that this water filtration system is actually servicing my whole house, not just me personally for all the vanity reasons and convenient reasons that I just went down.
Rick: Well, but, you know, it definitely benefits your skin and your hair dramatically because the chlorine and other things are drying agents. And they make hair brittle, and they strip color from hair. You know, certainly, anybody with sensitivities to drying agents, it surely affects their bathing and showering experience. 
Wendy: Well, that’s me. I mean, and the desert just makes me even more dry than I already am. And Rick, for those of us who color our hair…
Rick: I didn’t say anything.
Wendy: I know. I know. However, we buy those expensive color saving shampoos. But if we don’t have filtered water, the water is stripping our hair as well. 
Rick: Very quickly. Not even a question there. 
Wendy: Yeah, yeah. So look. Those are all the reasons, Rick, why I love the system so much and why, when I’m out and about and people ask me about it…you know, as I said, all of the personal hygiene reasons, all of the health reasons, all of the convenience. You know, when I’m running out the door…and Rick, I’m one of these people that are always running out the door to an appointment as Fitz is laughing in the background.
I go, “Oh my gosh. I forgot my water.” And I run, and I get my stainless steel thermos because it’ll keep the water cool in my hot car, and I just run to the faucet and fill it up. And I don’t have to worry about those plastic bottles that I see sitting on the docks when they’re delivered to these grocery stores, and I know that all those chemicals are leaching into the water in those plastic bottles on top of it.
Rick: Oh, yeah. Not even a question.
Wendy: Not in my life.
Rick: Well, and there’s one other thing that we were able to do in your new house, and that’s very important for anybody out there who is re-modeling or, you know, replacing a water heater or doing a ground-up construction project. There is absolutely no question that one of the primary things you should do during the construction process is to install whole house filtration and salt-free water conditioning. So, you know, you recall we had to deal with walls and all kinds of things. So anybody in that mode should absolutely look at this right now.
Wendy: Yeah. Absolutely. We did it so that everything was… As a matter of fact, you even set everything up for my landscaping because at the time we were doing the house, I told you I wasn’t gonna do the landscaping until the very end. So you set it up where the water was, you know, all working for my landscaping as well, and yeah. So Rick, I just love my system. So tell people, Rick, where they can get in touch with you so they, too, can love their system.
Rick: Well, they can reach out to us at 760-346-4850, 346-4850. They can look us up at crystalclearhome.com or the parent company, pureelementswater.com. There’s lots of information there, and, you know, we’re happy to talk to anybody about their particular water concerns or questions about what we’ve got going on in the valley with chromium-6 and arsenic and chlorine and the different things. So reach out to us. We’d love to provide information. 
Wendy: Definitely. And you know what? Take it from me. Rick is so knowledgeable and will answer any questions that you have. And I ask a lotta questions, don’t I, Rick?
Rick: They’re all good questions though, Wendy.
Wendy: So 760-346-4850. Call Rick. Get your own CrystalClear Water home filtration system. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks, Rick.
Rick: Thanks very much, you guys. Tell everybody to stay hydrated during Coachella. 
Wendy: Yeah, definitely. All right. Take care.
Rick: Bye, bye, guys.
Wendy: Bye, bye.