Why Do People Say Epoxy Lining Is Bad For Plumbing?

Recently we got a comment on this YouTube video below that we felt we needed to address.

First, check out the video in order to understand the subject being discussed.

Why Do People Say Epoxy Lining Is Bad For Plumbing?

Hi, this is Rick from Pure Elements Water. We are experts in preventing pinhole leaks in copper plumbing.

A lot of people ask us about the alternative of epoxy lining.

The epoxy lining has several different issues associated with it.

The first is, it doesn’t always coat equally. So it can create hot spots and create immediate leak situations and the epoxy lining people will now come and have to fix that.

Uneven application plus clumping and disproportionate bonding leading to almost 50 percent reduction in water flow.

The second thing is, the jury is out regarding MTBE’s and BPA’s. If you research that a little bit, you will find there is a big concern about chemicals, these resins can be giving off into your bathing and showering and drinking water.

In addition, once you do epoxy lining, you can’t use a traditional plumber, because the epoxy lining is flammable and even explosive in some cases. So now you’re married to the epoxy lining company to come out and do any repairs in your home.

And another really important factor is that the chloramines in the water actually render the epoxy linings brittle over time and they will break down and shatter like glass. And you can’t get it out. It clogs your shower heads and your fixtures and it’s very disconcerting when you look at that in a glass of water to drink or water to cook with.

So eventually, when that happens, the normal rule of thumb is the entire house needs to be replumbed because you can’t get everything out.

So, by contrast, we address the pinhole leak problem by fixing the water chemistry, stopping the attack on your existing copper pipes and allowing you to maintain those without having to blow any epoxy lining into them or without even having to consider a repiping situation.

So we look forward to helping you with that.

So the comment made, which you can see in the video comments of YouTube was: “Dude’s mad his job is being taken away by liners! lmao.”

We felt he didn’t watch the video because he missed all the points as to why we feel epoxy lining is not a good choice.

Our reply was: “Uneven application, water volume and pressure loss, lack of uniform adhesion, chemical off-gassing into the water, and some mold between the lining and the piping.

This is rippling and a lack of smooth coating, creating risk for problems because of the disruption of water flow.
Lack of adherence to the pipe by the epoxy that led to water between the epoxy and the pipe and mold.

Our systems eliminate all of this for less money, and effectively prevent pinhole leaks. Why would you adversely affect your water quality in your home, when you can enhance it by addressing chemicals and heavy metals and reducing hard water issues without salt at the same time? We clearly have the better answer, which is why 9 out of 10 times homeowners choose our option over epoxy linings after learning the facts. Which leads to job security for us…”

Incomplete application – copper pipe is only partially coated with epoxy and the rest is unprotected.
Incomplete application – copper pipe is only partially coated with epoxy and the rest is unprotected.

You need to take control immediately and address your water chemistry to protect the copper plumbing infrastructure in your home, as well as your family’s health. So please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.

PEX pipe can be problematic too.

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